The best antivirus for Android.


Unlike Apple devices, which only allow downloads from the App Store, in order to protect users against false applications, Android lets you, him, install APK files.

However, they may be infected by virus created by cyber criminals.

They are subject to less control and may, even if they are removed from Google Play, reappear. The Android are vulnerable to hacking and phishing, in the same way as the PC.

Do you need an antivirus on your Android ?.

We recommend that you install an antivirus on your device so that you are protect e-mails, phishing, and advertisements bad.

In addition to the standard protection offered by antivirus software, some offer features such as the anti-theft device (to lock and/or wipe your data remotely in the case where you have lost, you are robbed of your Android devices), take pictures or audio recordings of the robber(s).

The other function, very useful, and often found in security applications for the Android, is the blocking of calls. If, for example, you frequently receive calls unwanted, or spam, then you can block the senders, they can therefore no longer disturb you.

Some antivirus programs also include application managers, so you will be blocking password access to web sites. This is very handy if you lend your device to your children.

In total, AV-Comparative has tested 250 applications but only 80 managed to identify at least 30 % of malware without any false alarm.

To browse the internet with peace of mind, here is our selection of the best antivirus applications for Android that have managed to detect 90 % to 100 % of viruses and malware.

You think that your device is already infected ? Then visit our tutorial How to delete a virus on Android.

1. BitDefender Mobile Security .


BitDefender Mobile Security achieved an almost-perfect score in the evaluation of AV-test in January 2018. The antivirus detects malicious applications in real time on your device and on the Android platforms.

The strong point of Bitdefender is that it includes a VPN, among its additional features (anti-theft, privacy protection,..).

If you want to test this application, good news there is a free trial version for 14 days.

Buy BitDefender Mobile Security.

2. Norton Mobile Security .

Norton Mobile Security

Very popular among PC users, the Norton antivirus is also available on Android.

During the AV-test it was able to detect 100 % of attacks, and it has useful features such as the restoration of contact or the location of your smartphone in case of loss thereof.

The subscription is expensive, but it can be used on multiple devices (iPad and iPhone included).

Buy Norton Mobile Security.

3. Sophos Mobile Security .

Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos Mobile Security for Android was one of the best antivirus according to tests conducted by AV-Test. It is free and includes many features, including the analysis of applications, the anti-spam protection and privacy. It also can detect the applications that access your personal data.

In addition, its functions of protection against loss and theft include locking remote data, their deletion, or even the ability to locate your device.

You can get Sophos Mobile Security for free here.

4. Avast Mobile Security .

Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security detected 99.9% of malware during the tests of AV-Test and more, the app is free !

Avast Mobile Security allows, among other things, block unwanted calls, to lock applications, and scan your device.

Download Avast Mobile Security.

5. AVG anti-Virus free .

AVG AntiVirus pour Android

AVG, like Sophos, is antivirus free that got a perfect score in the latest tests. Avast and AVG are the same company, therefore it is not surprising that they use the same technology and obtain the same score.

The disadvantage here is that, if you want to take advantage of additional functions, such as locking applications, the trap photo or even the backup of your apps, you will need to download the Pro version at the end of your trial period of 30 days.

6. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android .

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

During the testing, AV-test, Kaspersky Internet Security has detected 99.6% of the virus in real time and 100 % of the malware out during the previous 4 weeks.

The app is available in free and paid version, the last bid well sûr a range of additional features such as the automatic scan of your device or the blocking dangerous websites.

Buy Kaspersky Internet Security for Android.

7. Mc Afee Mobile Security .

McAfee Mobile Security

The Mobile Security app McAfee got a score of 100 % in the latest report from AV-Test. This is a great antivirus to secure your Android smartphone or tablet.

It includes standard features like protection against spyware, sites or applications malware, but it also features options anti-theft, privacy and tools to optimize the performance of your device.

You can get McAfee for Android here.