The best accessories for bike.


Whether you are cycling in sunny weather, rainy weather or even night, there is a multitude of accessories for cyclists.

Check out the best gadgets to monitor and improve your performance, but also to stay safe.

1. Garmin 820 .


The Garmin Edge 820 is a superb bicycle speedometer. It calculates the cycling route to your destination and gives you information that is accurate, turn-by-turn, thanks to its integrated mapping (Garmin Cycle Map).

Its screen (2.3 inches) is much better than the models Edge previous. It is touch-sensitive in the rain and even if you use it with gloves on. It also adapts to the ambient brightness, so that you are always able to read what is displayed.

It is compatible with ANT+ sensors (for the transfer of data between a sensor and a receiver), such as a heart rate monitor, a speed sensor, cadence, etc

The Edge 820 is equipped with a Bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi, so you can sync your routes and statistics on your smartphone, but also to receive notifications of calls or messages.

Otherwise, you have the 520 Over Garmin !

2. Magnetic media Shapeheart .

Shapeheart support téléphone magnétique

Shapeheart is a French brand that has designed one of, if not the, best magnetic media for smartphones.

Its magnets are so powerful that your phone will not move one iota, it will be very securely held to your handlebar (even if you are riding on cobblestones) !

The pouch is waterproof, has a reflective strip and it is compatible with the FaceID.

Do not worry about the magnetic field that may interfere with your iOS or Android device, Shapeheart placed iron plates for the blocks.

You have the choice between 2 sizes of pouches, up to 15 cm and 16.8 cm.

It is also sold on Amazon France.

3. Padlock Lock and Bone .

Dog and Bone LockSmart Mini Cadenas

Why secure your bike with a lock and key, when you can do it with a padlock Bluetooth ?

The LockSmart mini Lock and Bone is endowed with the standard Bluetooth security is the highest (128-bit). Thanks to the latter, you will risk more to lose your keys as you only need to download their app on your Android or iOS. It will, of course, associate it with a good chain or cable security Kryptonite.

This lock is resistant to all races of the time (rain, snow..) and its battery is charging very quickly, it may last up to 2 years (or 3,000 openings according to the manufacturer).

4. CYCL Lights Flashing WingLights .

CYCL Éclairages Clignotants WINGLIGHTS Fixed

If you think that it is dangerous to use her arm to indicate a direction, then install the flashing WingLights.

Once installed on your handlebars, it does not remain you more that to press the button, located at the ends, to turn on and off the turn signals.

The WingLights are not as brilliant as the flashing lights of cars, but remain sufficiently visible at night.

In addition, their aluminum design make these WingLights a robust product that is waterproof and durable.

This is an essential accessory for cyclists moving in an urban environment.

5. Garmin – Varia Vision .

Garmin - Varia Vision Affichage tête Haute pour vélo

The head-up display, Varia Vision Garmin looks very similar to the glasses Google Glass, but it is intended for cyclists.

It shows the turns and a slew of information (performance, navigation..).

Unfortunately, it takes a little space and it is quite heavy. Also, the fact that it is not transparent, such as Google Glass, may interfere slightly your vision of the eye.

As the counters Edge, you can decide exactly what information you want to see. The Varia Vision, allowing you to keep your hands on the handlebars, without having to touch the touch panel to scroll through the data, and your gaze fixed on the road.

It comes with two mounts so you can mount it on two pairs of sunglasses different (except the glasses to metal frame).

The battery life is excellent (8 hours), but the price is its main drawback.

It is almost as expensive as computers (Edge Garmin Edge 520, Edge 1000, Edge 820 and Explores 820), on which it is based.

Be aware that you can also use it with the radar bike Varia (from 156,06 €).

6. Hovding Airbag .

Hovding Airbag

If you like to feel the wind in your hair and be protected without wearing a helmet, then the Hovding Airbag for you. It is essentially an airbag for cyclists.

It is worn around your neck and its sensors monitor your movements abnormal. If they determine that you are on the verge of falling, then they will activate the airbag, starting from the top and then inflate around your head.

According to the manufacturer, the Hovding would be 8 times more protection than a traditional helmet. A security that also costs 8 times more expensive..

The only problem is, if its price is not one of them, is that it can only be opened once.

You will need to buy another one, this one, however, you will be sold cheaper than its original price.

7. Wahoo fitness TICKR heart rate Monitor .

wahoo fitness TICKR Moniteur de fréquence cardiaque

You train for a long hike ? Then, you will be able to make good use of the heart rate monitor Wahoo fitness Tickr. It comes in the form of a chest strap. Not only does it measure your heart rate but it also shows you the calories burned and the distances covered.

The Tickr works with your phone via Bluetooth, or with a GPS and bike compatible with ANT+ technology (like the range of Garmin”s Edge). It can also be associated with the Apple Watch.

8. GoPro Hero 7 .


Equip yourself for the GoPro Hero camera 7 to record your exploits, or you use the dashcam. It is small, light and easily attaches to your bike helmet.

It is waterproof up to 10 m deep and thus does not need an enclosure, there will be no blocking of the microphones. You will therefore get a very good sound with your images.

In addition to the recording in 1440p, it can take time-lapse photos or burst.

Hold on, it is even controllable by the voice !