Streaming : Netflix or Amazon Prime Video ?.


It was a few years ago, Netflix launched its streaming platform in France. Since then, another juggernaut american has joined, Amazon Prime Video. As both attack the market of SVOD (video on demand with subscription), we compared their offers for help you to choose the service for you.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video, their prices .

Netflix and Amazon offer various forms of subscriptions. Recently, Netflix has decided to no longer offer its offer of 30 days free trial, to this day, therefore only Amazon maintains this advantage as soon as you register.

Subscriptions To Netflix.

Netflix has three offers monthly subscription, without commitment. Their prices vary depending on the number of screens that you want to simultaneously connect to the platform, and the quality of the images.

For 1 screen, choose the offer Essential to 7.99 €/month. The resolution of the videos will be basic, it is however sufficient for a computer screen or a TV classic.

For 2 screens, there is the Standard offer 11.99 €/month. The videos will be available in high-definition.

Finally, to watch movies and series on 4 screens, subscribe to the Premium offering, for 15,99 €/month, you can enjoy videos in HD and Ultra HD.

To learn more about the benefits and the possibility of moving from one package to another then please do not hesitate to check out our full guide to Netflix.

Subscription Amazon Prime Video.

To have access to Amazon Prime Video, there is only one option, that of subscribe to Amazon Prime (you’ll get many other services) ; the subscription cost of 49 €/year.

The downside is that it is not possible to mensualiser the subscription, payment is taken at once. However, the advantage is that, on a year, Amazon Prime Video is almost two times cheaper than the offer Essential to Netflix.

In addition, if you are between 18 and 25 years old, then you can subscribe to the offer Premium Student and test all services free of charge Amazon for 6 months. After this trial period, the subscription will cost you 24 €/year.

Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix, their interfaces and features.

Netflix is a platform dedicated exclusively to video : movies, series, documentaries, programs for children. With a single subscription, it is possible to create up to 5 user profiles for everyone in the house can organize its own list of programs. In addition, thanks to its famous algorithm, Netflix makes recommendations and custom tailored to each profile.

The interface of Netflix is simple to navigate. The videos are organized by topic and a search engine allows you to explore the catalog.

Regardless of the device you use to access the platform (PC, tablet, TV, Playstation ..) the presentation of Netflix adapts to it, while remaining familiar.

Unlike Netflix, Amazon Prime brings together a set of services : delivery in a day free photo storage unlimited on a Cloud, free loan of an ebook a month, access to Twitch Prim and platform for Premium Video.

Browsing Amazon Prime Video is easily done. The platform is very similar to that of Netflix, since the contents are divided by genre (films, series, news..), and it has a search engine to access the entire catalog.

The only difference between the two sites is that all of the content that will appear on Netflix are available to subscribers, while Amazon Prime, only videos with a banner Premium. To look at the other programs, it is necessary to either buy it or rent it.

On this plan, so we would prefer Netflix.

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video offline .

The two platforms have developed their apps for Android and iOS, they allow their subscribers to view content off-line.

Netflix has made possible the downloading of its programs by December 2016, which is the same month as the launch of Amazon Prime Video in France. Coincidence ? Probably.

However, there is now no need to be connected to internet to watch Netflix as well as a selection of other films and series.

With a subscription to Amazon Prime, all of the videos that are marked Premium are available for download, prefer to do it with a Wi-Fi connection.

Amazon vs Netflix, which has the best programs ? .

We return finally in the heart of the matter, because what is the point of having a subscription to a platform SVOD if you do find anything to watch ?

Netflix and Amazon each have their own catalogs (approximately 4,000 titles), and both produce original programs. Here, everything is a matter of taste.

To help you choose between these two services, we have made a selection of the best series Netflix and the best series Amazon, that we make each month-to-date.

For movies, these platforms will renew their selection regularly. Enjoy 30-day free trial to explore the catalogue Premium Video.

Verdict .

On paper, the subscription to Amazon Prime Video has the advantage, because it gives them access to as many programs as Netflix at a lower cost, and it is the only one to give you access to a free month.

And this, without counting the other services to which you have a right to : free delivery, ebook rental .. other Two arguments tip the balance in favor of Premium Video : she puts on a more regular basis in his catalogue to date than its competitor, and its selection does not depend on your geographical location.

However, with Netflix it is easier to put an end to his subscription since it is monthly and without commitment. Finally, its compatibility with a different range of devices can be an asset.

In the end, your choice depends on your tastes. So don’t hesitate to test the two services and if none of them appeals to you, go look at the series on Canal+, at its new subscription Channel canal+ Series, at 6,99 €/month and the best series OCS.