Streaming music : Spotify vs Deezer.


Deezer and Spotify are the platforms of music streaming are the most used in france. Since their launch a decade ago, they have managed to attract millions of users. For example, in July 2017, the Swedish giant were 60 million subscribers throughout the world. In parallel, Deezer, a little less developed at the international, claimed 10 million users.

To help you choose between these two streaming services, we compared their pricing, their catalogues and their interfaces.

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Deezer and Spotify both have a free offer and subscription to premium.

The free version of Spotify gives you access to the entire catalogue of the platform, you initiate a connection on computer, tablet or smartphone. On the other hand, it is not possible to listen to music in high-resolution and the playlists are interrupted regularly by commercials.

Note that on mobile, you can listen to your playlists in shuffle mode.

For € 9.99 per month, the Premium subscription allows you to remove these restrictions and to download playlists to listen offline.

If you are a student, you get a discount of 50 % on the premium membership and if you are more of a user’s Spotify under one roof, you can subscribe to the Family offer at us $ 14.99 per month (up to 6 user accounts).

The free version of Deezer is very similar to that of its competitor.

All the pieces of the site are available in standard quality and the playlists are interspersed with advertisements.

When you use the smartphone app, the function “skip to the next song” is limited to six clicks per hour, and your playlists are automatically in random mode.

For rates, there is really no competition between Deezer and Spotify, as both platforms offer the same services at the same price.

Thus, Deezer Premium + and Deezer Family cost, respectively, and € 9.99 and us $ 14.99 per month, and also offer the ability to download playlists and listen to music in high resolution and without advertising.


One thing is undeniable, these two platforms have no shortage of choice !

The library of Deezer does not count less than 40 million shares and that of Spotify, $ 30 million.

It is good to know that each catalog is slightly different from one country to another, so don’t be surprised if, during your travel abroad, you can not access all the titles of your playlists.


Spotify and Deezer are accessible on the web and as an app for Windows and Mac, Android and iOS.

Thanks to a minimalist design, the platform Deezer (web and application) is probably easier to use than Spotify. Its menu, which is displayed to the left of the screen, is composed of 5 tabs only : home, my music player, notifications and search.

In comparison, the application of Spotify is a bit of “clutter”. There is a sidebar which gives access to the home page (curiously named “browse”), at the library (with multiple sub-categories) and to your playlists. There is also a horizontal menu (at the top of the window), a search bar, a shortcut to your user profile..

It takes a little time to get used to the presentation of Spotify and its writing in white on a black background.

Discover new music.

Deezer and Spotify have each of the features which allow their users to receive music recommendations personalized.

On Deezer, one of these is called Flow and it is subtitled “your custom soundtrack”. When you click her banner, you are redirected to a playlist specially created for you. Of course, it is only an algorithm and, in the same way as humans, can make errors of taste. There remains, however, that in our tests, more than three-quarters of the suggestions were very well found.

When you log in to Deezer via a web browser (this feature is only on the web), you also have access to the “listen to”. It is a page, which looks a bit like a blog, and who recommends to you each day new songs and albums.

On Spotify, the recommendations are divided into different playlists, and each one is (more or less) a style of music you listen to. The playlists are titled Daily Mix (1, 2, ..) and the more you use the platform, the more you have of recommendations.

The advantage of the Daily Mix is that you can view the contents of the playlist before you play it, which is not the case on Deezer.

If you want to discover even more music, you can also go to the topics Radios or Discover.

The “Radios” are playlists based on a title, an artist or a CD. For example, if you want to start the “radio” The Rolling Stones, you will be taken to a playlist with songs of this group, but also David Bowie, Lou Reed, Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison..

“Discover” is another way to find inspiration. It is a sub-category under “Browse”, where you will find playlists named Discoveries of the week, and Radar outputs, as well as many albums based on your music preferences.

Thus, for musical discoveries, we instead focus on the side of Spotify. Navigate in the nooks and crannies of the site to find new artists to listen to is oddly satisfying.


Deezer and Spotify both have a special section dedicated to podcasts.

For Deezer, this class of programs contains some nuggets like the Nostalgia 2050, an original production of the platform, as well as all the emissions of the major radio stations conventional (Radio France..).

Note that podcasts are only available on the website of Deezer.

Spotify also launches out in the creation of podcasts the original. Alas, for the moment, only three programs in English are in production : Showstopper, Unpacked and The Chris Lightly Story. You will find, however, on the platform, the plethora of radio broadcasts and independent programs.

Are you looking for an app dedicated to podcasts ? It is here !


Spotify and Deezer have become so similar that it is difficult to decide between them !

At this level, it is just a matter of personal taste. You like platforms the simple and plain design ? You want to support the made in France ? Head over to Deezer.

You like rummage on a site to discover new artists and get recommendations pointed ? In this case, Spotify is for you.

The good news is that these two platforms have a free version and a trial offer of 30 days, which allows you to test their services before you subscribe !