Streaming : Apple TV+ vs Amazon Prime Video.


In November 2019, Apple has finally joined the market for streaming video with Apple TV+. The firm at the Apple decided to enter the competition and compete with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Canal+, etc, But, does she really have a chance ?

In this article, we make a direct comparison between Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime Video. This will allow you to find the streaming service that suits you the best.

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Their catalog (series and films).

Each thing in its time : Apple TV+ offers only original content. You will not find old movies or series, only new programs that Apple has ordered for his service.

For this reason, the initial library is not impressive, so you can easily list them : The Morning Show, See, Dickinson, For All Mankind, Snoopy In Space, Helpsters, Truth Be Told, Serving, Ghostwriter, Little America.

Amazon Prime Video has been there since a long time that the TV+ platform and offers an impressive catalog. Moreover, we have made a small selection of its best of series are available, a complete list would be much too long to be the subject of an article.

In both cases, of course, quality is more important than quantity, and it is this that will convince users to subscribe.

The series launched by Apple TV+ are not unanimous. These are big productions with actors and famous directors which are exclusive to Apple.

Amazon has also ordered its original content, there is, for example, The man in the High Castle, Good Omens, The Grand Tour, Comrade Detective and Sneaky Pete. These series are only available since Amazon Prime Video.

For movies, Apple TV+ has only Used Night Shyamalan (director of Sixth Sense), Hala, The Banker, and the documentary, the Elephant Queen.

Amazon Prime has hundreds of films ; many of them are old, little-known, poorly received by the critics, or all three.

However, many are nuggets of cinema, such as Green Book, Manchester By The Sea, The imitation Game, 12 Years A Slave, Inside Llewyn Davis, etc

Apple plans obviously to expand its catalog..

Do they have additional functions ?.

Amazon Prime Video is available as a stand-alone service. However, most users benefit from it as part of their subscription to Amazon Prime, they also enjoy other benefits such as Amazon Prime Music, Prime Reading, Amazon Family.

What TV and what other devices are compatible ?.

A wide range of connected tvs and mobile devices embark the Premium app Video.

The Apple TV service+, he does not work on Android. It is available for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV devices, Roku, Amazon Fire and some Smart Samsung TV.

What are the prices of Amazon and Apple TV+ ?.

Apple TV+ will cost €4.99 per month, however, you can access this service for free when you purchase a new iPad, iPod touch, Mac or Apple TV, or purchase a subscription Student Apple.

You get one year free subscription to Apple TV+ and a free trial period of 7 days, it automatically renews into a monthly subscription if you forget to cancel.

Amazon Prime Video costs alone, 5,99 €/month, often users subscribe to its annual plan 49 €. Its trial period is 30 days, if you are a student it is 6 months (Prime student).

Share Prime membership Video and Apple TV+.

Apple TV+ features family sharing, a single subscription can be shared between a between 6 Appkpersonnes at no additional cost.

You can also share Amazon Prime Video with a friend or member of your family if you set up your account Amazon Prime.

It is possible to watch up to three films/programmes simultaneously with a single account, assuming that this is three different content. A same program may not be visionnable that on 2 devices at once, and not three.


Amazon Video is what is better here, since his catalogue is more rich, at the present time, it is difficult to recommend Apple TV+ but everything can change.. In fact, the huge investment Apple attracts actors, directors and renowned filmmakers and more in vogue and these names of the 7th art could reverse the trend.

However, Amazon is also the benefit of other services included in Amazon Prime, the firm at the Apple, chewed does not offer.