Storage space : how to free up memory on your iPhone ?.


The available storage space on an iPhone disappears as soon as the good resolutions of the 1st day of the year, especially if these resolutions are to quit Facebook or do the sorting in his photos.

In this article, we share with you 17 tips to free up space on your iPhone and to keep that storage space for a longer time.

Delete apps .


Deleting apps is simple, fast and effective. This advice may seem obvious, it is still necessary to do so. You can free up to 500 Mb of space by deleting a single app !

There are always on phone programs that you have downloaded a long time ago and that you no longer use (or even that you have never used).

To delete an app, press its icon until it starts to shake (this means that you are in edit mode). Then, tap the cross that appears in the top left of the icon to delete it.

The apps pre-installed .


By default, each iPhone has a number of pre-installed applications, even if very few people (or just person) not in use. Since the launch of iOS 10, it is possible to “delete”.

In fact, these applications (Exchange, Game Center..) are not really deleted from your phone, but they no longer appear in your menu. The data to which they are associated, however, are well removed, it is already that.

Note that some apps like Safari or Messages can not be deleted.

Apps intensive .


All applications are not created equal, especially in terms of space. To find the ones that take up the most space on your iPhone, go to your Settings → General → Storage of the iPhone.

All your applications will appear by order of magnitude. The app’ at the top of your list is the one on which you should focus, and then the second, and so on.

Be no thank you. If a program that you don’t use often takes 300 Mb, remove the.

You can always re-download in case of need, even if it is a paid app because it is automatically linked to your Apple Id.

Delete documents and data in an application .


See you again in your Settings → General → Storage of the iPhone.

Next to the name of each application is an arrow. When you press it, you can see the space taken by the application only, and space that takes the data stored on it.

For example, your podcasting application can seem complicated, but you do not necessarily need you to separate, just delete old episodes that you store on it.

Delete many sms .


As effective as delete apps, delete some sms and mms. In less than a minute, you can free up 2 Gb or more of space on your iPhone.

To delete multiple messages at once an appointment in Settings → Messages → message History → Keep messages. Choose the duration for which you want to keep your messages, for example, 30 days, and then delete the rest.

Rent a movie .


This trick can allow you to release up to 1 Gb by magic, or almost.

Before you start, go to Settings → General → Information and note the space you have left.

Then, go to iTunes Store and do as if you were going to rent the film as heavy as you can find, we recommend The Lord of the rings : the two towers, which weighs not less than of 6.83 Gb.

Once you have found the movie, double-click it. A pop-up will appear to inform you that you can’t rent this movie because you don’t have enough storage space. Close this window and return to your settings.

If this trick worked then you should see that you have more storage space. This does not work all the time, but it is worth a try. We don’t know what the phone deletes exactly, surely the caches and other small data (but nothing as important as your photos or your contacts).

Manage the Photo app .


Photo lets you access the photos on all your devices, iPhone, iPad, or Mac. This software is very practical, but, even if they are not in high resolution, these images take up space on your phone.

If you wish, you can disable the Photo by going to Settings → Photos → Optimize the storage space.

Unfortunately, this means that photos taken with your iPhone will not be saved in your Photo app. You can always turn this option on again once you have freed space on your phone.

Similarly, share your photos with other users of the Photo Stream, (friends, family, etc) takes up storage space. Make sure that the sharing tab of the photos is off.

Mode HDR .


The HDR mode (High Dynamic Range) is used to obtain pictures of better quality when there are strong contrasts of brightness and shadow. In fact, the camera takes several photographs of a shot and then merges them.

By default, the iPhone backup the original photo, but it is useless and takes space on your phone. To avoid this, go to Settings → Photos → and deselect download and keep the originals.

iTunes Match or streaming .


In addition to the applications and photos, one of the reasons why you can run out of storage space on your phone is the music.

Now, there are many services of music streaming like Deezer or Spotify that you can avoid to store all your songs on your phone and allow you to save that precious storage space.

You can also subscribe to iTunes Match for 24,99 € per year. iTunes Match lets you store your music (even songs you’ve imported from CDS) to iCloud and then access them from any of your devices.

You can very simply download and delete the songs or albums you want to listen to, and avoid using too much space on your phone.

Delete your Books .


Is it that you actually intend to read one Hundred years of solitudesur your iPhone ? If yes fine, if not delete it, and all of the iBooks that you’ve already read and that you store for no reason on your phone.

You can erase your iBook to your phone and they will be always accessible on your other devices.

If you do not want to automatically sync the ibooks that you buy on your iPad or MacBook, go to Settings → Books → Synchronization → uncheck current.

Notes, and iMessages .


Without realizing it, over the months, we can store many notes in his smartphone.

Delete the oldest to free up. The notes don’t take up much space on a iPhone, but it is always that of taken !

In the same register, if you have your iPhone for some time, it is likely that you have old iMessages that are accumulated. Nothing that removing the advertising messages that you have been able to receive over the years you can make up to 150 Mb.

Photos .


Are you sure you want to keep each of your 250 photos ? Probably not.

Delete photos one at a time is a bit tedious but you can pick up a lot of space. Thanks to the free app Gemini Photos, remove duplicate AND rearrange your Photos folder, so you do not keep that most beautiful and the most successful.

If you are using picture-editing apps on your mobile phone, please make sure that these do not save pictures automatically, and if yes delete them.

Avoid the burst mode .


Avoid the burst mode is probably the best way not to have to delete photos by the dozen.

Unfortunately the burst mode automatically turns on if you press a few seconds of too much on your trigger. This function has pissed off more than one. For the moment, the best way to work around this problem is to use the volume control button rather than the screen to take your photos.

iCloud .


There are a few slides where we had you should disable Photo. Another option is to use it to back up your photos and then delete them from your phone.

To do this, go to Settings → Photos → iCloud.

Now, when you’re connected to Wi-fi, your photos are automatically backed up (this may take a few minutes if you have 1,000 photos to save time).

When you want to recover the photos on your computer, open Photo Stream, wait a few moment, the time that the record is updated, and then right click on the pictures you want to upload and select Import.

There are many other Cloud to back up your photos such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Photo stream is not the only way to save the photos to your iPhone. There are many storage service cloud like Dropbox or Amazon Cloud Drive.

Instagram .


Sometimes, we don’t have the time to erase data on his phone before taking a picture.

If when you open your Camera application, a pop-up will appear to tell you that you don’t have enough space on your phone, try taking this photo with another application, Instagram for example.

Sometimes, applications photos still have a little space when the main application it does not.

Restore your iPhone .


When you’re in your settings, in the storage space, you can’t get into the details of the “Others” section. It is most of the time filled with bookmarks from Safari and other attached files.

If you want to empty this folder, go to Settings → General → Reset → Erase all content and settings.

Attention, back up the contents of your phone before performing this maneuver.

Then, restore the latest version of your iPhone. You get a few hundred Mb at most.

iMyFone Umate .


There are many ways to free up space on your iPhone, but as we have seen, these are sometimes time-consuming. To go faster, there are applications such as iMyFone Umate.

These applications scan your phone and then tells you how much space you can free up by deleting some temporary files, some unnecessary files or by saving your photos to a Cloud, and then deleting them from your phone..

iMyFone Umate stands out because it offers the ability to compress your photos on your iPhone after you have saved the original on your Mac or PC, but it costs around 20 €.