Share a GIF on Facebook.


Post a GIF on Facebook is not as simple as sharing a photo, but almost. The proof, below.

What is a GIF ? .

A GIF is animated image of a few seconds in a loop that runs. As his file is much more lightweight than a video, a GIF can be viewed anywhere, even on an old smartphone, and even if you have a bad internet connection ..

Post a GIF on Facebook.

1 – Since you can’t directly publish your own GIF files on Facebook, there are two options available to you. You can either post a GIF that you created on a platform such as Imgur and then share it on Facebook, either use a GIF already posted on Tumblr, Imgur, Giphy or any other site.

2 – If you use Google Chrome, do a right click on the GIF you want to share and select Copy the address of the video.

Whatever your internet browser the principle is the same. If you use Firefox, make a right click on the GIF and select Copy image, on Opera select Copy the image address ..

3 – Now, connect to your Facebook and paste the link of the GIF in your field of publication (“what do you think”) by doing Ctrl + V or right click + paste.

4 – Wait a few seconds for the GIF appears, and then you can delete the URL if you want.

5 – It does not remain you more that to share the GIF by clicking on Publish !