Salto : launch date, catalogue and price.


Since its launch, Netflix has expanded the availability of its service of video on demand (incidentally, a pioneer in the field) and to enrich its catalog.

In the Face of this resounding success, the competitive offerings are developed and extended to other territories, such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and+ Disney+ (available in France on march 24, 2020).

To counter the above-mentioned services, but also Mycanal, or OCS, a unique partnership between the group France Télévisions, TF1 and M6 gave birth to a platform 100% French.

This service of video on demand has been baptized Salto, it has for mission to showcase the creations of france and europe and thus provide a catalogue to be more heterogeneous than its rivals in north america.

What will be the catalogue of Salto ?.

Salto will offer its subscribers as well as programs in live and replay channels TF1, TF1 Series, Movies, TFX,TMC, LCI, France 2, 3 4, 5, O, franceinfo, M6, W9 and 6ter, but also unpublished. It will be newspapers, tv, sporting events, series, French, films, and documentaries, all formats will be represented. The platform also provides original productions.

With Salto, the content will be more diversified, but this does not mean that the new american will be banned. It is just a matter of access to a media landscape richer and more complete.

When will be available Salto ?.

According to an interview published in le Figaro, Thomas Follin (director-general of Salto, said : “The kick-off for Salto will be given on 3 June for a launch test”.

According to our colleagues from Télé-loisirs, the big jump official is planned for the fall of 2020.

How much will it cost to Salto ?.

The catalogue is not enough to compete with the Netflix and its ilk, this plays also on the ground of the rates.

The offer of Canal+ Series, without commitment, for example, starts at 6,99 €/month, that Netflix, without commitment, is from of 7.99 €/month.

What is Salto ? In June 2018, The World reported that Salto will offer 2 subscriptions.

One of 2,50 € to 5 €/month for access to direct, replay, previews, etc, It is especially thought for smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart tv.

The other will align with the price of Netflix, it would be 7 or 8 €/month and would enjoy an unlimited series, films, cartoons, documentaries.. on-demand and ad-free.