PC : how do you do screenshots in Windows 10 ?.


The screen shot can is very handy to keep track of your most important information, such as an online transaction, a technical problem that you are experiencing or simply to share an image with your friends.

In Windows 10, it is possible to realize a screen capture of the 3 façons different, they also work on Windows 7 and 8.1.

Capture the entire screen.

The capture of the whole screen is without doubt the most rapid and the more easy.

To do this, simultaneously press Windows (logo) and Print screen (next to the F12 key).

A “photo” of your screen will be taken and will be automatically saved in the format .png, into a file called “Screenshots”.

To get there, follow the path : This PCPicturesScreenshots.

Capture an active window or a portion of the screen.

Often, it is not necessary to make a screenshot of the whole screen.

Without further ado, here are 2 techniques to save an active window or a portion of your screen.

1st technique :.

Press simultaneously the keys Alt and Print screen.

Only your active window is shot, it will be automatically copied in the clipboard of Windows. As well, you just have to paste it into Paint for example and save it.

In our capture, it is the window of the Office because she was active.

Note that, if you use the storage space Windows OneDrive, it is possible to set it to automatically backup your screenshots.

Once your capture is done, the message “Screenshot saved. The screen capture has been added to OneDrive” appears on your screen.

Follow the path : OneDrive → Pictures Screenshots to find it.

Second technique : .

Use the native tool Screenshot.

To access it, you can enter the name of the application in the search bar of Windows.

At the opening, you will see a window with several options.

To perform a screen capture, simply click on New.

Your screen will like fade away. Then, cchoose your capture type.

If, like us, you select rectangular snip, the arrow of the mouse pointer will be replaced by a cross. This option allows you to select a specific area of your screen.

Here’s how you do it :

Hold the left click of the mouse, or your touch pad, on the area in question.

Then, release the click.


It only remains for you to do is click on FileSave as, rename your capture, and choose its location.