Nintendo Switch 2 : release date, rumours and new features is expected.


The Nintendo Switch is console amazing with which it is possible to play from his television at home, but also on the move !

Notice to fans of this console hybrid, we’ve heard that Nintendo is preparing a Switch 2. But, what will be its design, its technical specifications and especially that it is its release date ?

Here are all the rumors about the new Nintendo Switch and all the improvements that we would like to see.

When released the Nintendo Switch 2 ?.

We still do not know when the Nintendo Switch version 2 will be output, however, this did not stop us from betting on a launch date.

To predict the future, we must look to the past, in this case on the gap between the launch of the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch.

The first was released in 2012 and the second in 2017, so he has passed 5 years between the two launches. If we take into account this difference, we can deduce that the Nintendo 2 will only be available current 2022.

Nevertheless, a number of rumors, including an article published on Digitmes, do state that a new version would be launched in mid-2020, and it could be a Switch Pro..
This is very probably not coincidence since this period is chosen to counter the best consoles competing, PS5 and Xbox (Series X), planned for the end of 2020.

What would the Nintendo Switch 2 ?.

Unfortunately, there is little information on the design and performance of the Nintendo Switch 2nd generation.

However, the hackers of Switchbrew have searched in the update to the firmware 5.0 of march 2018.

They have discovered references that are related to a new chip T214 (which is a small improvement of the chip-T210 current), to a new PCB (Print Circuit Board) as well as a RAM up to 8 Gb.

This was confirmed in the same report of the Wall Street Journal above-mentioned. Its LCD display will be, it seems, perfected, the Switch 2 will have new software features, and its performance will be boosted. It’s not like there not in the recent Switch Lite ?

The report says that the JoyCons of the first generation will be compatible, which suggests that it is not a question of a radical reorganisation.

We believe that it will be more of an upgrade to intermediate, and that it will offer a better experience of the game, as it has been for the Xbox One S.

According to a Wall Street Journal article, written by Takashi Mochizuki, Nintendo plans to launch 2 new versions of the Switch.

Apparently, Nintendo looks at their design, such as the resumed Polygon a patent has recently been filed in Japan for the Joy-Con which would be placed on a portion collapsible for more convenience.

One would be an edition “Pro” with more advanced features than the 1st generation, it caters more to gamers both experienced and demanding, and according to Digitimes, it would benefit of a plastic shell improved.

What we’d like to see on the Nintendo Switch 2 .

We agree, we know little about the potential of Nintendo in Switch 2.

Still, after over a year of use of the first generation, we had time to have a few ideas of changes that Nintendo could build on.

High-resolution display.

One of the characteristics which would warrant a small change is the display, which is currently 720p.

It is true that when the console is in a mode tv, it has a resolution of 1080p, but there are smartphones in 4K, then why not Switch ?

This would have made stunning for games like Zelda : BOTW or Super Mario Odyssey, without the need to connect it to a tv.

A better autonomy of battery.

The Nintendo Switch has a very good battery but it could be changed. There is a plethora of chargers and accessories for Nintendo’s Switch to extend the life of its battery. However, this has a cost and it is necessary to carry with itself..

If Nintendo expects output for the year 2022, then the firm has enough time to optimize the software for the console and increase the autonomy of its battery. Also, the Nintendo Switch Lite can take 4 hours without recharging..

Also, we’d like to see on the Switch 2 the integration of fast-charging.

Storage space is more important.

The Nintendo can store up to 4 Gb of data, this space is expandable via a microSD card. It is enough for one or two games Switch, but it is far from the 500 Gb and 1 Tb of the PS4 and the Xbox One.

We would appreciate having more storage space, maybe not 1tb but 128 Gb or 256 Gb. The players therefore do not need to invest in a microSD card.

Graphic processor.

In addition to a storage capacity of more generous, an improvement in the graphics rendering would be welcome. This would allow to take advantage of more games high-end on the Switch, speed up its startup and improve the overall appearance of the games.