Nintendo Switch : 10 tips to absolutely know.


Since its release in march 2017, the Nintendo Switch continues to meet with success. That you just acquire it or whether you are an assiduous player, find out the best tips and tricks to take full advantage of your console hybrid and the eShop.

1 – to Pass the selection screen.

If you are the only person using the Switch, then this is the trick to know. Appointment in the system Settings → Users and uncheck the option to Pass the selection screen.

Thus, you will no longer need to select your profile every time you launch a game, for example.

2 – quick Settings.

In order to adjust the parameters more quickly instead of drowning in the full menu. You just need to press the Home button (house icon) to the right, a small menu will appear.

It allows you to put the Switch in the standby mode, adjust the screen brightness, the volume, and turn on airplane mode.

3 – Find Joy-Cons lost.

As controllers, Joy-Con are detachable and very small, it is very easy to lose. To effectively identify, Nintendo has added a very useful function.

From the home screen, press the Levers, and then click Search for joysticks. Displays the list of Joy-cons, choose the one who is lost.

Press and hold the L or R button, the Joy‑Con will start to vibrate.

4 – Change the theme.

As for smartphones, it is possible to change the colour of the interface between classic White and classic Black.

To do this, simply go in system Settings → Themes and make your choice.

5 – Give a nickname to your Switch.

Why not give a nickname to your Switch for more customization ? If you are interested then go to Settings of the console → Console → Nickname of the console.

6 – Disable the screen lock.

By default, the Switch will support 3 times on the same button to unlock the screen and get the console the day before.

If this process annoys you, then disable it with console Settings → Lock screen.

7 – Activate the parental control.

If you buy the console for a child and that you want to have some control on its use of the Switch, then enable the parental controls (set a time of games, restrictions.).

For this, follow the path : system Settings → parental Controls.

Note also that this control can be done from your smartphone via the free app (Android/iOS).

8 – Appear to be offline, and monitor your activity.

In order for your status to appear offline and hide its activity, go to console Settings → Users → Settings notifications relating to friends. Finally, those who can receive login notifications.

9 – Change the order of the users.

It may be that the primary user of your Switch is not the first profile to be added. This can make the selection of the user to be somewhat boring..

Fortunately, it is possible to change the order, so that the main user comes in the first position. Follow the path, console Settings → Users → Switch to the order.

10 – take a screenshot of.

On the Joy-Con left, you will find a square button with a circle inside. It is the capture button, you just tap it to perform a screen capture. The images will be stored in the photo Album.

If your pressure is more long, then the Switch performs a video capture of the last 30 seconds of your gameplay.