Netflix US : how to access the full catalog of the american giant ?.


Netflix and geographical limitations.

Since his arrival in September 2014, Netflix has found its place in the French audiovisual landscape. If the streaming platform has managed to seduce the viewers of the Hexagon, some subscribers regret of not having access to the entire catalogue of Netflix.

Because of broadcast rights, the platform may not, in fact, not to offer the same library of programs from one country to the other.

Not wishing to illegally download the series and movies of the platform Netflix, some subscribers are able to access the entire catalog of the u.s. broadcaster using programs available for all, the VPN.

Since last year, Netflix prohibited the use of the software and sometimes manages to block the use. “Some subscribers to use a proxy server or a tool for unblocking for access to the programmes available outside their country. To counter this practice, we use steps identical or similar to those used by other companies.” can be read on the website of the company.

So note that if you choose to install a VPN and then use it to watch videos online, Netflix reserves the right to cancel your subscription.

What is a VPN ?.

A VPN or “virtual private Network” is a system that allows you to send or receive data across a private connection, while using the internet.

For example, a VPN can be used by a large company for security reasons and to enable its employees to access their computers remotely.

A VPN is mainly used to hide the geographic location of a computer. Thus, more and more individuals are using this service to view sites that are not accessible from their country of residence. If you find yourself abroad and that you want to access the French catalogue of Netflix (and vice versa) then it is possible to install a VPN.

To choose from, we recommend NordVPN or ExpressVPN, otherwise don’t hesitate to check out our selection of the best VPN, some are even free !

How to use a VPN ?.

Using a VPN is very simple, especially if you subscribe to an online subscription. Take, for example, NordVPN.

This service offers several types of subscriptions, and as always, the more you sign up for a long time the more you save on the total cost. The one month package is 10,50€, while the one-year subscription is 6,14 €/month. Note that you can use it simultaneously on up to 6 devices and that there is a 30 day guarantee satisfied or refunded.

Once your subscription, download the software.

You will just by following you connect to any country you want, in this case the United States. You can navigate on the map or select any of the countries in the available list. After a few moments you should be connected. It only remains for you to do is visit the sites that you want.