Netflix : the best films for children.


Netflix : how does it work ?.

Netflix is a us platform for video streaming for which it is necessary to subscribe to have access to hundreds of movies and series.

Thanks to its application, this service is available from any device, smartphone, pc, tablet and TV.

You can choose between three types of monthly subscriptions, each of which offers a first month free. The price increases according to the number of screens that you authorize.

Essential to 7.99 €/month : on a single screen.
Standard 11,99 €/month : 2 screens at once.
Premium 15,99 €/month : up to 4 screens at once.

VPN for Netflix .

If you are a subscriber to Netflix and you want to access a wider choice than the one proposed in our borders, or if you just want to use your account from overseas, then you’ll need a VPN.

This enables you to browse internet sites from anywhere in the world by hiding your geographic area.

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The best films in the youth and family available on Netflix .

Now, check out our selection of the best films Netflix to watch with your little ones.

To protect your child unconditional fan of Netflix and avoid that it falls down on unsuitable content, please do not hesitate to configure a parental control

Charlie and the chocolate factory .


Charlie Bucket is a little boy of very modest means. He lives with his parents and his four grandparents in a tiny house that was falling into ruin.

It is a child, a dreamer whose greatest wish is to be able to, one day, to visit the chocolate factory of the intriguing Willy Wonka.

Closed for years, the factory Wonka decides to hold a contest. The price ? A guided tour of the 5 lucky ones who will find a ticket of gold in their chocolate bar.

It is, therefore, in an incredible twist of fate that the dream of Charlie is going to become reality and he will have the chance to discover a place unique and magical, accompanied by his grand-father.

Madagascar .


While he is the king of the Central Park zoo, on a whim, Alex the lion runs away to discover the african savannah. His friends, Gloria the hippo, Melman the giraffe hypochondriac, and Marty the zebra bright, leave to search for her to bring it back to New York.

But, it was without counting on fate has decided otherwise, and was attended by all four on a beach in Madagascar.

In an adventure flick in which these animals bred in the city will learn to survive in the wild.

Dragons .


Dragons is the story of a young Viking that everything opposed to his people hunter of dragons. Harold is clumsy, sensitive, and he has not the soul of a dragon. It is, therefore, under the orders of his father and with a heavy heart as he learns to fight.

However, against all odds, Harold befriends the young dragon Krokmou. With the help of the latter, he tries to open his eyes to his father about the true nature of these lovable creatures.

It is a animation film very successful, touching, full of good intentions, emotions, and superb graphics. After watching, you’ll want to adopt a dragon !

Shrek 2 .


Shrek and Fiona, just back from their honeymoon, they are invited to the castle of the parents of the young princess to celebrate their union.

However, when they arrive in the kingdom to Fort Faraway, with their noisy friend “donkey”, they soon realized that the new physics of ogress Fiona is far from being approved.

Their marriage will be put to the test, and the King’s future could be in jeopardy.

Casper .


Casper is a young ghost who lives with his despicable aunts in the haunted manor of Whipstaff.

While his life is to be at the service of those nasty characters and turn in a circle, the adorable ghost will make an encounter that bousculera his life..

Treasure planet .


Jim Hawkins, aged 15, made the acquaintance of Billy Bones, a man who is seriously ill. Before dying, he offers a map that leads to the loot of a thousand worlds, a pirate treasure legend.

It was aboard the RLS Legacy, a galleon of the space, and accompanied by dr. Doppler, he goes on a long and eventful trip..

Merlin the enchanter .


Mosquito, a boy of 12 years, made a day of the incredible encounter Merlin the enchanter. The latter, an old man, a mystic, decides to make the child her foal.

Together, they go to London in order to attend a grand tournament of chivalry, at the end of which the winner will be elected King of England !

However, and although this competition appears to be difficult to win, they discover that there is another way to access this title : pull the sword from the former king snapped in a hard place..

Stuart Little .


In New York, the adorable family Littles would like to adopt a little brother for George, son, single ; Frederick and Eleanor, his parents are then in an orphanage.

Once on site, they make the surprising meeting of a mouse civilized, they choose eventually bring them back to the house, and to baptize Stuart.

Unfortunately, a breakdown of the name Snowball has escaped.. In fact, their cat did not hear from this ear and account well know..

Matilda .


The very young Matilda grows up surrounded by relatives abhorrent and indifferent in the face of his incredible intelligence.

At the age of 6 years, she is finally sent to the school, it is headed by a director execrable hating children.

Then she saw a hell, Matilda discovers that she has the power of telekinesis.

Thanks to the support of his teacher’s favorite, she learns how to control this gift in order to get rid of this unbearable director.

Benji .


Benji is a dog’s mischievous which is adopted in secret by two children recently orphaned by their father.

A true loyal friend, Benji helps to find the smile and out of a very dangerous situation.

Kung Fu Panda .


Po is a panda very awkward, somewhat lazy, and it is a passionate Kung Fu. While there is only a single server in the noodle shop of his adoptive father, he finds himself elected as the Warrior Dragon and protector of the valley.

Accompanied by the Five Cyclones and a coach for a little individual, he will learn the martial arts to become the future great champion.

Also, be aware that there are Kung Fu Panda 2, and 3.