Netflix : how to download your favorite programs ?.


From December 2016, no need to be connected to the internet to watch your series Netflix favorite !

For the moment, the option “Offline” is only available for a handful of programs, but some subscribers were able to work around this problem (and we will explain how in this article).

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Watch Netflix offline. .


The subscribers were waiting, Netflix has done : the download. Legal.

The streaming platform, american now offers the ability to download some of its programmes for offline viewing. The good news is that now your series Netflix can follow you in all your travels. The bad news is that you are never going to finish this book that you offered at Christmas.

In an interview given to CNBC in November, Ted Sarandos, director of programs at Netflix, explains that the company hopes to be able to make more films available for download, especially in countries with slower internet. For the moment, the website only lets you download his original productions and a few films.

Such as Youtube or Amazon, Netflix shows its desire to adapt to new consumption patterns of its users, who watch more video on their phones.

How to download a video Netflix ? .


In order to watch Netflix offline, make sure you have a compatible device (phone or tablet with minimum iOS 8 or Android 4.4.2) and that your app is up to date.

Then, log in to your account and go to the main menu. Click on Available to download. Here you can view the entire list of programs that you can save on your phone or tablet.

Netflix account make more and more videos are downloadable, therefore, the catalogue should evolve regularly.

Once you have found a series or a movie that interests you, and that you want to watch offline, tap the download icon (the down arrow). A blue progress bar will then appear.

Once the download is finished, an icon, still blue, will be displayed next to the episode or movie selected.

If you want to download a high-resolution video, go to the menu and then click Settings. Then select the video quality that you prefer in the Download tab.

How to download all videos from Netflix ? .


Netflix does not allow you to download his entire catalogue of movies and series but there are software programs that allow you to work around the problem.

It is important to clarify that this is not in agreement with the terms of use of Netflix, and that any user who uses one of these programs does so at their own risk.

These software function as screenshots, but for video. This means that you must play the video in its entirety in order to be able to save it. It is a little tedious of course, but it is the only way to do it.

Find a screen capture software .


There are many screen capture software. Some are free, like CamStudio or Screencast-O-Matic, others are paid, such as Audials Moviebox, and Camtasia Studio.

For this example, we will use CamStudio, which works on Windows.

To change the region .


Once you have installed the software, launch it. Open also a window with Netflix and the video that you want to save.

By default, CamStudio does not record that part of the screen. Go to the menu Region and select Full Screen (full screen) to be sure to capture the entire width of your video.

To change the sound .


By default, CamStudio does not record the sound of the computer. Go to the Options menu and select Record audio from speakers.

Reducing the window O-Matic .


In the menu, click on Options and then Program Options and select Minimize program on start recording.

Start recording .


Everything is ready for recording. Press the red button and then go to Netflix and start the video. You have to leave Netflix in full-screen for the duration of the program that you save.

Save the video .


Return to the main window CamStudio and click Stop. Now, it only remains for you to save the video in the file that you want. You can then transfer your video file on your tablet or phone.