MacBook 2020 : release date, price and other rumors.


After more than two years without an update, Apple has finally withdrawn from sale, MacBook 12-inch in July 2019. Since then, the brand has focused all its energy on its models Pro and Air.

However, we hope to see the arrival a new version of the MacBook in the year 2020.

Pending an official announcement, we gather here all the rumors about this potential launch, going by the price and the technical characteristics of the most interesting.

When will be released the MacBook 2020 ? .

Apple could unveil its MacBook in mid 2020, why not on the occasion of the WWDC.

How much will it cost the next MacBook ? .

Even if Apple no longer produces the MacBook, 12-inch, it is still available on e-commerce sites such as Amazon or refurbished on Apple, Baker, and Back Market.

Upon its release in 2017, the price of the MacBook were :

1 499 € for the model 1.2 GHz dual-Core Intel Core m3, 256 Gb, 8 Gb RAM, Intel HD Graphics 615.
1 799 € for the model with 1.3 GHz dual-Core Intel Core i5, 512 Gb, 8 Gb RAM, Intel HD Graphics 615.

Currently, the MacBook Air, its main competitor, is marketed from 1 249 €. The coming of a MacBook new generation could have a higher cost. Case to follow..

What is the design imagined for the MacBook 2020 ? .

If the MacBook comes back, then we will definitely see changes in important design. For example, we imagine the edges thinner so that the screen size could be increased to one inch diagonal.

The MacBook was already incredibly slim 13.1 mm, for a weight of 0.9 kg, thus making it more compact than the old MacBook Air.

However, after a long absence, the 2020 model will have to face a competitor of the “size” is already correctly installed, the MacBook Air 2018..


The MacBook is available in one size with a screen of 12 inches and a chassis 28,05 cm x 19,65 cm.

It is possible that by shrinking its edges, Apple will reduce even more the template of its macOS and, therefore, its keyboard.

Return of the keyboard scissors.

Since Apple introduced the keyboards so-called “butterfly” on its laptops, many problems have occurred. If a micro dirt fits the key may stop working, and the keyboard should be replaced.

Fortunately, Apple offers its users to replace keyboards, faulty free, provided that your device has less than four years.

The analyst of Apple Ming-Chi Kuo said that the future Mac will be equipped with a keyboard scissors, which was already the case for previous generations. Also, the new Macbook Pro 16 is equipped with.

The Touch Bar.

Since 2016, a bar touch has been placed at the top of the keyboard of some MacBook Pro. It provides quick access to shortcuts, menus and easily add emoji.

It would be logical for Apple to introduce it on the MacBook 2020.

The Touch ID is also very likely to be present, such as on the MacBook Air.

Screen .

The MacBook 2017 is equipped with a Retina display with a resolution of 2304 x 1440 pixels, 226 ppi per inch.

As for the MacBook 2020, it will surely be the True Tone, a technology already present on the iPad Pro, the iPhone, MacBook Pro and more recently the MacBook Air.

It adjusts the color balance and white and fits better with the ambient lighting. Thus, you will feel less eye fatigue.

According to the sources of ETNews, Apple is considering equipping its MacBook an OLED display.


A patent, which is described by the US Patent and Trademark Office, would allow Apple to integrate LTE on the MacBook, which would make her the first Mac cell of the range Apple.

In addition to this connectivity, the patent also speaks of using the Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, and satellite, including means to amplify the signal without interference.

A clamshell design .

Even if the idea seems unfeasible for the moment, it is interesting to mention the patent of Apple, discovered by Patently Apple. It suggests that the american giant could be working on a clamshell design, with a hinge to rigid able to fold in half using a “flexible part”.

In fact, Apple shows that this may allow the rigid material to be folded in two and act as a protective shell.

A new processor Apple.

The MacBook 2020 would be the first Mac of the brand to be equipped with a processor Apple rather than an Intel chip.

On Bloomberg, Mark Gurman has stated that 2020 would be the date of the launch of a new chip that is the most plausible.

According to this report, this project, called Kalamata, would allow Apple to integrate new hardware and software leading to offering a battery with better battery life.

It would be the first major shift in Apple since the passage of the chips PowerPC to Intel in 2006.

From 2010, the brand has started to design its own components, like the first, the A4, than the one found on the iPhone 4. Then, in 2013, the chips have been equipped with a secure element that stores payment data and the biometric.

In 2016, the MacBook Pro has been assigned to the chip Q1 due to which there has been the appearance of the Touch Bar and Touch ID.

Finally, three years ago Apple launched the iMac Pro with the chip T2. It is now used on the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air 2019, she manages the safety, storage, audio, image processing, system management, and Siri. It could also be integrated into the MacBook 2020.

iOS on Mac, should we believe them ?.

According to an article from 9to5Mac released in may 2018, a project named “Star” would define Apple as the designer of its own ARM processor. It would be used for a “whole new family of devices”, some derivative of iOS on a Mac.

Should we expect that the next MacBook is running iOS with macOS ?

The site stresses that this project is for a device with a touch screen, a slot for a SIM card, a GPS, a compass, an index of tightness and that it would also work in EFI, the boot system used by the Mac.

The prototypes are apparently manufactured by Pegatron and a small number of units have been shipped to Cupertino to be tested by the Apple employees.