Mac Pro 2019 : release date, price and data sheet.


Apple announced a new Mac Pro, which is a little over two years after having said she would do it, and six years after having launched the latest version of its Mac Pro. Discover more precisely what it looks like.

Release Date of the Mac Pro in 2019.

The Mac Pro is on sale since yesterday (10 December 2019 on the Apple website. Free delivery for an order placed today, for example, is estimated to be between 2 January 2020 and the 7.

Finally, note that no purchase of and then the Apple Store is for the moment possible.

Price of Mac Pro in 2019.

The price of the new Mac Pro, the basic version of processor (8 cores, SSD 256 Gb, 32 Gb RAM, chassis without wheels, without Trackpad, without preinstalled software..) is 6 499 €.

The screen 32 inch, display Pro Display XDR standard, count 5 499 €. In this way, you can add the Pro Stand, which is at 1099 €, etc

Design and technical specifications of the Mac Pro in 2019.

The design of the Mac Pro in 2019, has been radically altered, it is much more similar to the 1st generation or the second (2013), cylindrical in shape.

The Mac Pro 2019 is made of stainless steel, with an aluminium casing. It derives its power of Xeon processors, 28 cores, boosted by a memory of 1.5 Tb and up to eight PCIe expansion slots and a graphics architecture that integrates the graphics card the most powerful in the world. Yes, it is what it is..

According to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, it is the Mac that is configurable and extensible ever designed thanks to its modular design.

This modularity allows users to create a Mac Pro that meets high requirements, as they will be able to add the components they need.

Also, the expansion possibilities are multiple with 8 expansion slots, PCI Express (which is double the previous generation) and 64 lanes PCI Express.

This means that this Mac Pro is much more easy to upgrade than the previous model !

For graphics options, the Mac Pro in 2019, includes the card Radeon Pro 580X as well as the Radeon Pro Vega II, which offers up to 14 teraflops of computing performance and 32 Gb of memory with 1 Tb/s of memory bandwidth, the most powerful of all the GPU, according to Apple.

This Mac Pro launches the Apple Afterburner, a video accelerator card that enables the Mac to read up to three video streams in RAW 8K, and 12 stream 4K RAW.

According to the firm at the Apple, the Mac Pro 2019 displays a power of 300 W and a thermal architecture at the cutting edge of technology, which allows it to operate continuously at full capacity.

The Mac Pro 2019 can be moved easily thanks to its handles and provides access to 360 degrees. If you want you can mount it in a rack.