Mac : how to force close an application ?.


On Windows, users are accustomed to the shortcut CTRL + Alt + Del to access the task Manager and close programs that are not responding.

On the Mac, things are different, it is possible to quit an application only after it has stopped working.

In this tutorial, we explain how you can force quit any active applications to be blocked, and restart your Mac.

Force them to leave with the Dock and the Apple menu.

When an application becomes unresponsive, the cursor takes the shape of a wheel, arc‑en‑ciel, which rotates continuously. In this case, silo you wait until the program begins to work, you either close and reopen it.

If you are impatient then locate the application icon in the Dock, then right‑click it. In the context menu that appears, click the option to Leave.

If nothing happens, then you will need to use the option to Force quit.

To access it, repeat the previous operation, and when the menu appears, press Alt ; the option to Quit becomes Force quit. The blocked program will close instantly.

Otherwise, select an application that works correctly, and click on the icon of the Apple, and then click Force quit. In the list, select the software you want to stop.

Force quit with a keyboard shortcut.

You can also access the command Force quit via the keyboard of your Mac.

Two key combinations can be used.

The first is to simultaneously press the keys Cmd altesc, and then select the application causing the problem. The message “not responding” will be shown next to it.

The second shortcut is CmdAlt Shiftesc. The process is identical to that previously described.

Force quit with activity Monitor.

If your macOS crashes often, so your best ally is to use the native activity Monitor. It will allow you to find what is the cause of the malfunction

From the Finder, go to Applications Utilities activity Monitor. In the window that opens, all of the applications operated by your Processor, Memory and Network.. are listed.

If you double-click on an application, a new window appears and gives you information about the said program.

You can choose from theSample, a report of its activities over a short duration will then be generated. This report is quite technical and rather difficult to understand.

It is therefore preferable not to simply select the option to Leave.

Your Mac is blocked.

Sometimes, the apps can cause the blocking of your Mac and its system. When this happens to you, you do not have another choice than to press and hold the power button for a few seconds. Generally, your computer switches to standby mode.

If you press a little longer, then you will be asked to Restart, to Suspend, toCancel orturn Off your computer.

On the other hand, if it is determined that the malfunction is more serious, then it could be that these options do not appear.

In this case, it is necessary to keep pressed the power button until your Mac turns off completely and restarts. The disadvantage of this procedure is that any unsaved data will be lost.

If applications frequently stop to function so be sure to clean up your Mac and remove programs and games useless.