iPhone : how to save your internet data ?.


Control your data consumption .


First, to see what you have already consumed.

For this, go to Settingscellular Data.

Our advice : replace every month your consumption to zero. Do not hesitate to create an alert to remind you.

To reset, follow these steps, and try to make it a habit :

Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Press Reset statistics.


For more control over your consumption of internet data (data), you can install the application Data Use (in English, less than 1 €).

This app measures in real-time your using data and Wi-Fi. It operates either via the application itself, or via the mini-application (widget) Today, that can be added to your notification Center.

The application asks you to enter the quota of data included in your plan so that it calculates the daily consumption that you should follow to avoid running out of gas before the end of the month.

Support Wi-Fi .


When Apple launched iOS 9, some users have noted that their data melted like snow in the sun.

Feature Support Wi-Fi has often been held responsible for the fact that it uses the mobile network when Wi-Fi is unstable.

If you think that she is the origin, you can disable it.

To do this, go to Settings cellular Data, scroll down and disable Support Wi-Fi.

On iOS 10, although the option to Support Wi-Fi is always enabled by default, it has been slightly modified. Now, she displays her data consumption.

Also, Apple has put a few limitations, for example, it will not work if you use your data from a foreign country. Some applications, such as apps, streaming audio and video, will not benefit either of the’Assistance Wi-Fi, unlike Safari, Mail, Plans, or Apple Music.

Disable apps .


Since iOS 7, it is possible to choose the application or applications that may use your data.

When the end of the month approach, go to Settings → Data cell, and then disable the apps.

This allows thees to keep it from updating in the background and at the same time to reduce the power consumption of your battery.

Turn off your 3G connection and 4G .


If you are really close to the end of your internet package, you can disable temporarily your data. For example, a week before the end of the renewal of your package, not to be short of data.

To disable them :

Go to Settings Data cellular.
Turn off cellular Data.

This will disable your data. Your data, emails, notifications and internet browsing will go through the Wi-Fi connection. Your battery will also be preserved.

Disable the automatic playing of videos .


The automatic playing of videos on Facebook is not new on iOS. It allows the videos appearing on your news feeds to be played automatically when you hover over them. And this, even when you use the 3G/4G.

To save data, we recommend that you configure your settings and specify a read-only via a Wi-Fi connection.

Facebook :

Open Facebook, click on the (+) at the bottom of the screen.
Go to account Settings, then Videos and Photos.
In Video → auto-Play.
And then, Only on the Wi-Fi connections or never play videos automatically


Twitter :

From your profile, go to Settings → General → auto-Play videos.
Finally, choose : never use the videos automatically or to Use only the Wi-Fi.


Twitter Lite :

In April 2017, Twitter has released Twitter Lite, version lightweight for a smartphone.
This relief was designed to sail faster, occupy less space than its predecessor, and, of course, save your data !

Twitter Lite is perfect for tweets nomads !

With Twitter, Lite, practice, videos, or Gifs (Graphics Interchange Format, a format for animated images) not to launch automatically when you hover over them. It is up to you to decide which videos you want to watch.

To access Twitter Lite from your iPhone : go to mobile.twitter.com.

Select your the icon of your profile, and finally enable the Saving of data.

Recharge your timeline and you’re ready !

Disable apps-intensive 3G and 4G .


FaceTime :

We grant you FaceTime is great for video calls with a 3G or 4G.

On the other hand, this application is less useful when your data are very limited. If such is your case, we recommend that you use the call the traditional and turn FaceTime off. This will also block any call coming past with this application.

To disable it :

Appointment in Settings cellular Data..
Descendez up to FaceTime.
To turn it off..

iCloud drive :

Go to Settings iCloud and turn off iCloud drive. Your data will not be used by iCloud, and updates to only run if you’re connected to a Wifi network.

Also, you can prevent some apps to backup documents and other data on the Cloud, you just need to disable them one at a time.

If you regularly use the apps iWork of Apple, such as Pages, Keynote, your iPhone may well be in the process of syncing large documents thanks to your mobile connection. It would therefore be wise not to let him do it.

Prevent iTunes from using your data .


As to iTunes, leave this enabled is not recommended.

To disable, go to SettingsiTunes and App Store. Then, turn off Cellular Data.

If you have an Apple account Music, make sure you have disabled Cellular Data also. To do this go to Settings Music Cellular Data.

To avoid the expense of roaming .


If you are going abroad, you we recommend that you disable the Roaming, the access to the internet will be blocked for the duration of your trip. Of course, if you want to use your data, nothing prevents you to leave it enabled.

To do this :

Go to Settings → Cellular Data.
Just below, press Options.
Turn off Data abroad.

Note that you have also HAD the Internet that you can disable. This function is the result of a european agreement. If, for example, are you travelling to netherlands and want to call, send SMS and use your data, you will not pay surplus.

Actually, the fare will remain unchanged.

Before you turn off Data abroad, you will first need to enable Cellular Data.

Use the Reading list in Safari .


One of our favorite features, the arrival with the release of iOS 7 in Safari is the Reading List. It can also be found on iOS 8, iOS 9 and iOS 10.

Reading list lets you save web pages when you log in, to read later without internet connection, even with Airplane mode. Thus, you will not use or apps or data.

This is an ideal feature to read our articles on your travels !

To do this :

Go on Safari through your internet connection.
Open a internet page that you want to read.
Press and hold on the icon that looks like a book, at the bottom of the page.
Then, select In the playlist.
Rapppuyé on the book icon, then select the tab whose icon looks like Glasses.


If you do not want that your smartphone uses your data for the download of these web pages, you need to go to Settings, then Safari.

Scroll down and turn off cellular Data for Reading List.

Attention to My photo Stream .


My photo Stream is an app eating data the internet. Since the update to iOS 7, it is possible to set it up. It is, hence, easier to control the Sharing of Photos.

By turning off iCloud Photo Sharing (Settings → Photo and Camera), you prevent your iPhone to download photos that your friends have shared in your My photo stream.

When Apple launched the photo Library iCloud, we thought that it used the data, but the option to Download it to My Photo Stream indicated that only the Wi-Fi was used.

The only way to ensure that your application Photo is not supplied in your data is to turn it off.

Appointment in Settings → cellular Data, and then click to clear Photos.

To turn off Notifications .


How many applications use the notification service Apple Push service(APNs) ?

This Apple service allows the sending of notifications related to your apps to your iOS devices. For example, an alert of receipt email is sent to you when you receive one.

To answer your question :

The rendezvous Settings..

Then, on your iOS device 9 or 10 :

Select the apps of your choice and turn off Allow notifications. You can also choose what type of notifications you want to allow.

If it doesn’t matter that a friend has commented on the photo of a cat on Facebook, so don’t wait and disable notifications of Facebook.

This will be a saving of data but also of energy.

To allow these notifications on the Apple Watch, you will need to go into the Apple Watch and the set.

Don’t recover most of your emails automatically .


Do not stop in so good way.

Configure your emails ! In effect, the automatic retrieval of email can use a lot of data. Before you turn it off, make sure you have first disabled the notifications.

For iOS versions prior to iOS 10 :

Go to Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars..
Go to Fetch new data..
Scroll down and select Manually in the list.


On iOS 10 and later :

SettingsMail → Accounts..
Then, select New data.
Select Gmail (Mail, Contacts, Calendar) and change to Recovery Manual..

Control Mail .


You can reduce the use of your data for the Mail app.

Under Settings → Mail, scroll to the section Messages. Finally, turn off Load Images.

Disable the background Refresh .


This feature allows you to automatically refresh your system and apps in the background.

However, it may be somewhat unfortunate when your iPhone or iPad decides to run an update when you’re not in Wi-Fi.

To disable, go to SettingsGeneral → turn off background Refresh.

Navigate with Chrome .


If you are using Chrome, enable the Saving of data, this extension allows to reduce the consumption of data.

The visited pages are compressed by Google’s servers, and then loaded on Chrome.

You surf more quickly and efficiently with pages lighter.

Reduce the resolution of the images .


You will see an option that allows you to reduce the weight of images sent via the app Messages. Obviously your images will lose a little in quality.

Go to Settings → Messages, then scroll down to the bottom and disable lower image Quality.

Watch fewer videos .


On long trips, it is very tempting to watch Netflix, YouTube or iPlayer with its connection to 3G or 4G. For you to avoid the soaring of your data follow these small steps :

For each of the apps, go to Settings , and then disable them.

For YouTube, go to Settings and cochez Limit use gift.mob.

For Netflix, go to Settings → data usage cell and select Désactivé (Read-in Wi-Fi only)

Let the Wi-Fi enabled .


It has surely happened to turn off Wi-Fi when your phone tries to automatically connect to the first network that it detects, and then reactivate it.

To avoid repeating this manipulation : select the network you want to block, then select Forget this network.

Use the free Wi-Fi hotspots .


Nowadays, the Wi-Fi is everywhere. You find them in any public place, cafes, bars, restaurants, airports, libraries, ..

If you are a client Bouygues for example, the application B. Wi-Fi allows you, among other things, identify all of the Wi-Fi hotspot Bouygues.

We also recommend that you be wary of free Wi-Fi hotspots are not secure, because your iPhone would be a perfect target for hackers. Prefer-so a terminal protected by a password, the latter is often given by the staff or even displayed.

Share your Wi-Fi connection .


It is possible to transform your Mac into a Wi-Fi hotspot and access it via your iPhone, or vice versa.

This is the ideal, if you are not allowed to use Wi-Fi at your place of work, for example.