iPhone : how to protect your applications with a code ?.


Apple has always held its products such as personal objects, and not as simple gadgets to lend. If you want to prevent your child or any other person to use your iOS, access your files or applications, be aware that you can create a password or download a third-party application.

In this article, we tell you how to keep secret the contents of your iOS devices.

Also learn how to hide messages on your iPhone.

Limit access to the contents of your iPhone or iPad with Access guided.

Certain features such as Access guided and Restrictions relating to the content and the privacy allows you to prevent the curious from accessing your interface.

Access guided .

Your child would like to play with your phone, but you do not want to run the risk that it accesses your emails and photos ? Be aware that it is possible to restrict your iPhone to a single app with a code.

Directyou in Settings → General → Accessibility, in the section Learning, enable Access guided. Finally, go to Settings codes to create a password or enable the FaceID (from iPhone X).

Launch the app you want to lock and press three times on the home button, or on the side for the iPhone X. Then, circle the areas of the screen that you want to disable in order to block the access to your phone. To finish, tap on Start to run in this mode.

To end an Access session guided, once more tap three times on the home button (or side), and finish with your access code.

If this solution does not give the desired effects you should know that iOS has also introduced restrictions to block certain applications or folders.

Protect the Notes feature.

If you souhaitezgarder of the confidential information, to the shelter of all eyes, you know that since iOS 9.3, Apple suggests that users put a password to the Notes feature.

Create your note, tap Done, then slide your finger to the left to reveal a symbol Padlock. Select it and enter twice your password.

If you have an iPhone X, you can also use Face ID.

Restrictions on the content and the privacy .

See you in Settings, and then in screen Time. If it is your iPhone or iPad personal, touch to Use the Time code screen and enter the.

On the other hand, if it is an iPad dedicated to the whole family, then set the screen time, family sharing, and set parental controls by tapping on the Configure screen time for the family and Add a child.

Then, the following two alternatives are available to you :

Protect your applications and purchases.

To prevent the installation of applications and the possibility of in-app purchases (always since Time Screen) go to content Restrictions and privacyPurchases in the iTunes and App Store → Do not allow.

Authorized Applications.

To hide the applications temporarily on the home screen of your iPhone, follow the path : Time Screen → Restriction on the content and the privacy → Apps Allowed.

Limit access to the contents of your iPhone or iPad using a third-party application.

If the previous suggestions aren’t enough and you prefer to set up a double protection, then download a third-party application.

Although there is not yet of apps to put your photos, files in a folder and then lock it, there are the free application Folder Lock (and its Premium version of 4.49 €). Thanks to it, import photos, videos, contacts, or notes and protect them with a code.