iPhone : how do I delete the auto signature e-Mail ?.


When you send an e-mail from your iPhone or iPad, a “Sent from my iPhone” is automatically inserted at the end of your message.

If you feel that this signature is not very useful, so this is the time of the delete.

In this article, we present to you the 5 steps to follow to delete or change your auto signature in Mail.

You have an important message to send but you are afraid to forget ? Here are two tricks to program sending messages on iPhone.

Remove and change the auto signature “Sent from my iPhone” .

It is possible to change the “message Sent..” and remove it completely. The method is the same for both options.

On your iPhone, go to Settings .
Scroll the menu and go to the section Mail. .
Once on top, the bottom, tap Signature. .
Delete or edit the text Sent from my iPhone.
Finish by going on Mail in the top left.


Note that this method is the same on iPad !