iPhone 12 (2020) : release date, price and other rumors.


Things are moving fast in the world of new technologies and the rumors about Apple we prove yet.
While the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max came out in September 2019, lovers of the iOS are already on the lookout for any information about the next flagship of the brand, the iPhone 12. Its output would be scheduled for the end of the year 2020, with, very probably, a standard 5G.

In this article, we collect and analyze the rumors the most recent and interesting on the release date, price, design, new features, and the technical features of the iPhone 12.

A 3D model of the iPhone 12, published on the blog Macotakara, shows his possible major overhaul with the inclusion of a mysterious connector at one of its sides. Should we prepare for the release of an Apple Pencil dedicated to the iPhone ?

We also got wind that a fingerprint reader would be integrated with the screen, thus allowing the return of the Touch ID (don’t worry about the Face ID will always be of the party).

Note that, according to the German website iphone-ticker, the first Keynote of Apple of the year will be held next march 31. It is on this occasion that the iPhone IS 2020, or iPhone 9, could be presented.

Date of release of the iPhone 12.

With a release schedule for the less predictable since 2011, and, as usual, Apple is expected to launch its next iPhone in the fall of 2020. We would therefore be tempted to say the month of September 2020, unless a surprise in the spring.

We believe that it will be 3 models to match the iPhone 11/11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has, however, predicted he could have 4 because Apple will launch in the 5G.

Manufacturing delays expected for Apple.

Some analysts say that the epidemic of the coronavirus, from Wuhan in China, could affect the launch schedule of Apple. Cause, a large part of the manufacturing of the brand is based in Asia.

Ming-Chi Kuo has notified that the iPhone IS 2, iPad Pro 2020 and the new MacBook planned for the spring are quite likely to experience delays. However, the release of the iPhone 12, which will not be presented until the autumn, should not be disturbed.

DigiTimes (via MacRumors) reports that Apple wants to stop the visits in China for the development testing of the iPhone 12.

Therefore, production would not begin, therefore, probably not in the month of June as expected. Nevertheless, according to the site, the launch is expected to be held in September.

Recently, analyst Victor Arganov has voiced its concerns to our colleagues at Macworld. He said that the quarantine facilities of production in China threatens the output of all the new smartphones, even the iPhone IS 2 scheduled for next march.

The iPhone 12, yes, but at what price ?.

Since their launch, the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are, respectively, sold from 809 €, 1 159 € 1 259 €. The price of the iPhone 12 is likely to be around 800 € and could rise to 1 600 € depending on the version.

Cap on a new design.

On its iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, Apple changed the sensors rear camera (with 3 objectives arranged in a square case) but retained, at the front, the same design as that of the generation X. The look full screen with notch for the iPhone X in 2017 had, himself, been preserved for the iPhone XS and the 11 Pro.

The sources of Macotakara, from the supply chain indicate that the iPhone 12 will be dressed with the same housing as the iPhone 11, but this time, with the edges slightly more rounded.

This new one, which isn’t very exciting, going against rumors that the design of the next flagship of Apple would be completely redesigned.

So, we hope that 2020 will be a year of renewal in the design of the new iOS.


The notch of the iPhone is, in spite of itself, become an integral part of the design Apple. Then, unless the brand decides to delete it completely, it is unlikely that there has to be a change, but this is only our opinion.

This notch, as many have horror, is nevertheless home to a number of sensors, such as those of the Face ID. Because of this, the remove could well be a problem in the design of the smartphone, as well as to its use.

Apple may also opt for a style punch, however we think that it is a compromise that the firm is not ready to accept.


The site PhoneArena has published images of the conceptual, on which one saw four goals in the back of the iPhone, with a flash placed in the center. A layout that adapts itself, therefore, rather well with the square case.

Credit – PhoneArena

Screen .

Despite the wide choice of screen sizes already offered by Apple, the rumor that another size is on the point to be added, of 5.4 inches.

Max Rudberg, a graphic designer from sweden, created the illustration of what this new slab might look like. According to him, the new chassis of the iPhone 12 it would be mid-way between that of the iPhone 8 and that of the iPhone.

These rough, aim gives you an idea of what Apple could be going for with a 5.4” device — something in between an iPhone 8 and an SE, but with a much larger screen.

I would guess they would scale down the UI of the XS, even if the screen would be narrower than that of year 8. pic.twitter.com/EFR88i1hEb

— Max Rudberg (@maxrudberg) June 24, 2019

The report on Macotakara confirms this and adds that there will be a option of size even greater.

It is also mentioned the launch of iPhone from 5.4 inches to 6.1 inches and 6.7-inch end of 2020.


The year 2020 will be that of the USB-C on the iPhone, as Apple has decided on the iPad Pro 2018 ? We do not think, if this iPad was provided, it was in the aim of achieving faster data transfers, to and from the cameras. In addition, users of headphones or other accessories Lightning would be very upset by this USB port-C.

However, the EU seems to force the hand of the american giant. Last January, it passed a measure to require all manufacturers to equip their devices with a universal charger.

Apple will there be a good student or make exceptions to the rule ?

Apple has even thought about the idea to completely abandon its ports charging. In fact, a patent discovered in February shows an iPhone without the port Lightning, USB-C and buttons.

On the other hand, do not expect any such changes as soon as 2020.

The iPhone 12 in colour .

The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are available in silver finish, gold, space grey and green at night. The iPhone 11 is, itself, proposed in white, black, green, yellow, purple and red (Product red).

That will be there for the next generation iPhone ?

For iPhone 12, Apple could offer the same color palette as that of the model 11. However, we are not immune to the abandonment of the colours are the least popular, as was the case with the blue and the coral during the passage of the iPhone XR to iPhone 11.

In regards to the iPhone Pro 12, the leaker Max Weinbach has predicted (on YouTube Everything Apple Pro), the colours navy blue would replace one of the green night.

Here is the rendering of the potential iPhone Pro 12 in navy blue :

Screenshot – YouTube Everything Apple Pro

The potential iPhone 12 images .

PhoneArena we had already given a glimpse of what it would look like the iPhone 12 with her four goals at the back. EverythingApplePro had followed the not with a finish navy blue.

The blog japanese Macotakara has revealed photos and videos of a prototype of the iPhone 12, which would come from the supply chain of Apple. The site says that it is a 3D model obtained from the “sources” they know nothing of the credibility.

You will notice that the iPhone 12 here shown has edges a lot more square than those of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. This new design is closer to that of the iPad Pro 2018.

However, the most intriguing part about these images is the presence of a connector ever seen :

It looks like the magnetic connector, which the iPad Pro 2018 is equipped to fix and recharge their Apple Pencil second generation.

Macotakara speculates thus on the possibility that a new version, smaller, the Apple Pencil is launched to be adapted to the iPhone 12.

Now, here’s the video concept iPhone Pro 12, created by Concept Creator. It shows the new smartphone from Apple with a provision of its sensors the main, slightly different from what we imagined.

The studio of German designer Hasan Kaymak has created a video concept iPhone Pro 12 Max.

We note the camera lenses rear-facing design rather surprising. We also note the absence of notch, and, conversely, the presence of a charger is 45W and the fast-charging wireless.

The young designer Miloš Toman directs the design of the iPhone 12 to four sensors in a vertical more elegant than the square that you already know.

Miloš Toman
Miloš Toman

This design choice seems logical, since the twin goals of the iPhone XS and 11 are, themselves, aligned to the vertical.

On the YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone, check out a video of conceptual design devised by Toman :

New features.

Who says new iPhone says new features ! This year, there was talk of a triple-sensor square. In 2020, will be there for the 5G ?

Connection 5G.

At the time, Apple worked in partnership with Qualcomm on components of modems. More recently, a relationship had been established with the giant Intel until the company exits the arena 5G by selling the majority of its activity modem smartphone of the brand Apple. Apple, therefore, could in the future manufacture its own modems but this design seems impossible until 2021.

One of the potential reasons of the late entry of Apple into the world of 5G is her desire to do things correctly.

There are several versions of this technology and the more popular “mmWave” is not yet sufficiently extended.

Most manufacturers offer a version of 5G at mid-band, with lower frequencies up to 6 GHz, slower than the millimeter waves.

The analyst Mehdi Hosseini of Susquehanna, himself, predicted that Apple will launch first the iPhone 12 with capacity 5G in mid-band, and then will unveil a model with the millimeter-wave a few months later.

However, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the firm should equip its iPhone 12 of 5G in 2020.

According to him, with the arrival of 2 versions, mmWave and 5G sub-6GHz, the brand could announce four smartphones in September..

It also warns that the iPhone ready for the 5G will probably not have uplink MIMO 2×2 and that they will have only one or two amplifiers.

Battery .

According to the website Korean The Elec, Apple and LG have worked together to design a new screen.

In fact, according to the latest rumors, it is expected that the iPhone 12 is provided with a slab OLED LPTO (Low Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) identical to that of the recent Apple Watch.

This display offers a reduction in energy consumption of 5% to 15% and a better control of the variations of refresh rates. In addition, there is a generation of screens that directly integrates the touch layer to the slab, Apple will reduce the thickness of the smartphone.

Sensor ToF 3D.

Before the Keynote 2019, Bloomberg expected the imminent launch of an iPhone with a 3D sensor, more powerful, in view of the obvious interest of Apple for the augmented reality.

So, even if the iPhone of today are already equipped with 3D sensor, especially used for the Face ID, Bloomberg estimates that the 2020 version will be more powerful, with a range of about 4m50, compared with only 25-50 cm on the series X and 11.

This new sensor would analyze the environment in which is located the subject and copy it in augmented reality.

Touch ID.

The reintroduction of an old feature may seem unnecessary, yet Apple is projected, this time, to do it and integrate it to the screen. If you believe the site Economic Daily News (in chinese), the Touch ID version 2020 will be based on the ultrasonic technology of Qualcomm.

Apple could be in possession of a patent, allowing it to integrate a fingerprint reader to the OLED screen.

Also, a less interesting but potentially more practical would be to integrate the fingerprint reader in the power button, as is the case with the Galaxy S10e Samsung.

In a report published at the end of January, Ming-Chi Kuo indicates that an iPhone cheaper with the FaceID could see the light of day during the 1st half of 2021.

The Wi-Fi standard 802.11 ay at very short range.

The site Macotakara indicates that it is possible that the iPhone 12 will support the IEEE 802.11 ay, a new Wi-Fi standard at very short range.

It would provide performance significantly improved in terms of data transfer between devices, including via AirDrop.

Technical characteristics .

It is too early to predict all the technical features of the iPhone 12, but here are the ones of which we are (almost) certain :

Processor bionic A14, etched by 5 nm.
4 Gb or 6 Gb of RAM.
64/256/512 Gb of storage space.
Screen Super Retina XDR for model 5.8-inch.
AMOLED screen for models Pro.
Module photo triple (or quadruple) of 12 Mp.