iPadOS : what are the iPad compatible ?.


During the event WWDC in June 2019, Apple has surprised the public by announcing the release of an operating system dedicated entirely to the iPad, it will have the name : iPadOS.

Are you wondering if your iPad will operate under iPadOS ? In this article, we draw up a list of models compatible with this new operating system and we explain how to install it.

The iPad compatible with iPadOS.

Apple has always encouraged its users to update their iPad, because of this the firm takes care to ensure that the old templates are compatible with new versions of operating systems.

To see if your iPad can accommodate iPadOS, refer to the following list :

iPad Pro with 12.9 inches.
iPad Pro 11 inch.
iPad Pro 10.5 inches.
iPad Pro 9.7-inch.
iPad (6th generation).
iPad (5th generation).
iPad mini (5th generation).
iPad mini’s 4.
iPad Air (3rd generation).
iPad Air 2


You are not sure what is the model of your iPad, mark it by following our tutorial.

iPadOS, good or bad idea ?.

iPadOS is not just a renamed version of iOS, it improves the functions that are specific to the iPad such as the split view and the function to Slide Over, while giving you the ability to display widgets on your home screen.

So if your device is compatible, this update seems to be a very good idea. For a full overview of what’s new, see the Apple page dedicated to it.

Install iPadOS on your iPad.

If your iPad is in the list given above, then you should receive a notification when the update is available. Then, to install, go to Settings → General → software update and then tap Install.

Your iPad is not compatible ?.

You feel cheated and abused, you are disappointed not to be part of the lucky who can take advantage of new features offered by the iPadOS ? According to us, there is no reason you rush to the Apple Store, if you are satisfied with the performance of your iPad. In addition, Apple continues to offer security updates so that your device stays protected.

On the other hand, if you want to change the iPad, Apple has recently launched new models Air, mini and iPad, in addition to those already existing.

Need a little help to choose which one fits you the best ? Take a look at our comparison of iPad.