iPadOS : release date and features.


Among a slew of announcements at the WWDC of June 3, 2019, Apple surprised its audience by revealing the introduction of a new operating system completely dedicated to the iPad, iPadOS. The tablet will give up so soon, the iOS, an environment that it shared with the iPhone.

Although it may seem similar to iOS 13, iPadOS will gratify the iPad new features, if you want to know more, then read the rest of this article.

When will be available iPadOS ?.

iPadOS, version final and final, will be available to all in the September 24, 2019.

What iPad are compatible with iPadOS ?.

Many thought that iPadOS would be reserved for tablets “Pro” from Apple, but the company has decided not to be limited to this, because the new system will be available for the iPad include :

iPad Pro 9-inch 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation (2018).
iPad Pro 11 inch (2018).
iPad Pro 5-inch.
iPad Pro 7 inch.
iPad 6th generation (2018).
iPad 5th generation (2017).
iPad Air 3 (2019).
iPad Air 2.
iPad mini 5 (2019).
iPad mini’s 4.
iPad 10.2 inch (sept 2019).

The features of iPadOS.

During the WWDC in June 2019, Apple unveiled the many features of iPadOS, and in this article we explain the main features of the upcoming operating system.

Intuitive gestures improved.

For many, the most important contribution of iPadOS is the introduction of new gestures and their improvements to take better advantage of the screen. For example, copy by pinching with three fingers, the paste by filing the text with the same fingers and cancel the operation by swiping to the left.

This new routine is designed to improve your workflow on the iPad, mostly you use it for professional purposes daily.

For multi-tasking.

The actions of iPadOS are further improved with the arrival of the features Slide Over and Split View. The latter allows you to use two apps at the same time and all from the same app. Read your Notes while editing another, or to compose an email while reading an article on Safari.

A Safari browser as efficient as on macOS.

If there’s something that Apple has perfected in the iPadOS, it is Safari. From your tablet, you can enjoy the version for computers web sites (automatically optimized for the touch input). The iPad is fully compatible with sites such as WordPress and Google Docs.

You can also organize your file downloads via the download manager built into Safari. Finally, the introduction of 30 new keyboard shortcuts should also make use of the browser much faster.


The app File has also been updated. With iPadOS, you’ll have a more detailed view of your folders and documents, with a view to a column inspired by macOS.
This way, you will be able to view a single jet your photos and videos, but also
you will be taken to new ways to rotate images, convert documents to PDF, etc

You can share folders within iCloud Drive and add files via USB keys, SD cards, the SMB file server, or via accessories-output USB Type-C/Lightning.


The on-screen keyboard of the iPad has also had its share of changes. In addition to entering text by swiping from one letter to another, you can also pinch to reduce the size of the keyboard QuickType and move it on your screen.

Apple Pencil.

Rather incredible, Apple is able to reduce the latency already impressive 20 ms of the Apple Pencil and move it to 9 ms, which allows artists to enjoy drawing experience more natural.

Many other features specific to the Apple Pencil have made their entrance, for example a quick access to the annotations and to a tool palette. Thanks to the PencilKit, developers can create compatible applications.

Sidecar in macOS Catalina.

If your Mac works under macOS Catalina (output in the current year), then you can take advantage of the new feature Sidecar, through which your iPad to act as a second screen, without connecting any cable.

It is a real benefit for owners of MacBook, since it can almost double the size of the screen, but the benefits go beyond the display gain. Indeed, the Sidecar is also compatible with the Apple Pencil, you will not need to install it but only enable it (System Preferences → Sidecar).

Custom fonts.

Although this is not for everyone, designers and creatives will be happy to learn that iPadOS will support custom fonts. So use a variety of fonts to create amazing graphics and documents that you like.
Their installation is easy, with a dedicated section on the App Store of the iPad.

And most of the features of iOS 13, too !.

And of course, iPadOS will come with all the major features of iOS 13, including the very desired Fashion dark, a Photos app redesigned, the option to login Apple ID for third-party applications, the ARKit 3, Memoji custom Messages, etc