iPad Pro 2018 : release date, price and data sheet.


The iPad Pro 2018 has finally arrived ! Apple has revisited its tablet that is no longer an elsewhere. The firm, including american the called “extraordinateur”.

What is the release date of the iPad Pro 2018 ?.

The date of release of the new iPad Pro has been divulgée at an event Apple. Fans of the tablet iOS will be able to obtain it from the 7 November 2018.

How much is the iPad Pro 2018 ?.

The iPad Pro with a screen of 11 inches is sold from 899 € and 12.9-inch from 1 to 119 €.

According to the storage space chosen, prices vary. If you opt for the iPad, 11-inch with 256 Gb then you will pay 1 069 €.

Please visit this page of Apple to know the different prices.

What is the design of the new iPad Pro ?.

To know what it’s like iPad Pro 2018, read on.

Not Home button.

The iPad Pro has no need of home button. To navigate, there are Multi‑Touch, which means that simple actions will be sufficient.

To unlock the iPad, you will now by the FaceID, in portrait or landscape mode !

Size and edges of the iPad Pro 2018.

The iPad Pro 11-inch display size 247,6 x 178,5 x 5.9 mm and the iPad Pro at 12.9-inch is thinner than we thought. It measures 280,6 x 214,9 x 5.9 mm. Whether you have one or the other, it will slip easily and discreetly into your bag.

The iPad Pro 2018 has rounded edges, smooth and fluets, in the whole its volume has been reduced by 25 %.

What are the technical specifications of the iPad Pro 2018 ? .

As we have mentioned earlier, the technology FaceID has been implemented on the new iPad Pro. Are there other important changes ?

Processor .

The iPad Pro usually have a modified version of the processor of the iPhone released just before.

Following the recent release of the new iPhone with the smart A12 Bionic, we thought that the iPad Pro 2018 would also be equipped.

To our surprise, the tablet iOS has had its own chip, the A12X Bionic. The more intelligent and powerful that the firm is never designed.

According to Apple, the iPad is faster than most PC laptops, it is what it is !

USB Type‑C.

The report from DigiTimes August 2018 had a good reason for it, the new iPad Pro is equipped with a power port USB Type-C 18W, for a refill-lapse of the tablet.

Its battery can last up to 10 hours of use, or a full day of work.

Technical specifications of the iPad Pro :


Screen : 11-inch or 12.9-inch Liquid Retina.
Resolution : 2 388 x 1 668 pxl or 2 732 x 2048 pxl.
Processor : Chip A12X Bionic.
Operating system : iOS 12.
Storage capacity : 64 Gb, 256 Gb, 512 Gb and 1 Tb.
Cameras : 12 Megapixel, aperture f/1.8, zom digital up to 5x, HDR, TrueDepth 7 Mpx, f/2.2.
Video : HD, 4K.
Audio : 5 microphones, 4 loudspeakers.
Sim card : eSIM and nano SIM.
FaceTime, Face ID, Apple Pay.
Bluetooth 5.0, USB Type-C.
Photoshop CC in 2019.