iPad, iPhone : the funny questions to ask Siri.


Holders of iOS and macOS know : Siri is funny. Some go so far as to say that he (or she, depending on the voice you have chosen to give him) is more funny than useful.
Sometimes, it is even better to ask him questions more than once, as Apple includes a variety of results and there are different ways to ask.

In this article, check out some of the questions funny, and more serious, to ask him !

During the WWDC in June 2019, Apple revealed the future updates of its operating systems (iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS..). In the next school year, with iOS 13, get ready to news and changes regarding our friend Siri.

Siri, a lover of games ! .


You have probably already played the Pokémon Go ? And although Siri also. Ask him if he likes this game, he will tell you without taboo.

We also asked what he thinks of Mario Bros, his response made us smile.

Siri, a voice assistant cinephile ! .


For some time, the voice command for Apple is closely following the calendar of cultural events. Ask him questions on this topic, you will be surprised.

For example, if you’re a fan of Starwars then say the famous line “I am your father” and enjoy the response. It is surprising !

Siri, a poet ! .


We all need a little poetry, and Siri also. You can ask him to tell you a story or to explain to you that the egg or the hen came first..

Siri takes care of you ! .


Siri always takes care of you when you ask him. He also loves to respond to sentences a bit weird (also referred to as the “sentences of the end of the night”).

You run out of money ? You can always try to ask Siri

Hey Siri, can I borrow some money ? He will tell you that in his dimension there is not.

Siri would even be willing to be an accomplice to your crime ! Tell him : Hey Siri, I need to hide a body ! You should prepare yourself for a response like : Really, again ? It is not very funny..

I’m full.

I am naked.

I’m tired.

Where did I put my keys ?

Siri, what are you doors ?

Siri, what are you doing tonight ?

Make me a sandwich.

I love you.

Siri, guess what ?

Siri, a pro Beatbox ! .


Who would have thought that Siri knew how to do the Beatbox ? Crank it up and enjoy one of his compositions !

You can also ask you to sing a song.

Siri, an assistant prankster and good speaker ! .


Attempts for Siri to tell a joke worth making.

He likes to joke and is never stingy with compliments. Ask him why the chicken he crossed the road, what you look like, and to divide 0 by 0, or to tell you when is the end of the world !

You can also frolic with him, asking him what is his best technique of flirting, what he planned to do later, if he likes you.

He will answer all these questions (and to your advances) with a lot of humor and a little serious.

Siri, who is he really ? .


Want to know a little more about Siri ? Ask him what is his favorite animal !

Other questions :

How old are you ?

It is that your father ?

Do you have any pets ?

Are you a robot ?

Do you like Paris ?

For Apple a-t-he created Siri ?

Do you have any pets ?

Is it that you know about ch’ti ?

Siri, the friend of celebrities ! .


We asked Siri, what he thought of the French presidential .. But he is not interested in politics. However, he knows where is Elvis Presley !

Then Siri, where is Elvis Presley ?

Siri, he knows a lot ! .


Siri can answer some of your questions :

Is it that father Christmas exists ?

Is it that God exists ?

Is it that Pokémon exist ?

That is what existed first, the egg or the hen ?

Why ?

Who is Edith Piaf ?

Pigs will fly one day ?

Is it that water is wet ?

What is the meaning of life ?

That is what ” the fox said ?

Siri, a competitor, passionate about new technologies .


You can ask Siri questions tech, his opinion will not be as impartial as that of TechAdvisor.fr but his answers are worth the detour. Ask him what he thinks of some of the competitors Apple and how he/she compares to other wizards voice, such as Google assistant, and Alexa.

What is the best computer ?

What is the best smartphone ?

What is better, Mac or PC ?

Why you vibres ?

Siri, is it that you’re a watch smart ?

Siri, is it that you know the three laws of robotics ?