iPad Air 2020 : release date, price and other rumors.


On march 25, 2019, Apple had launched a series of updates to its software and devices, including the return of the iPad Air and mini.
What will it be this year ? Will we have the chance to see out a new model iPad Air ?

In this article, we speculate on the release date, price, design, new features and technical specifications of the next iPad Air 2020.

When will be released the iPad Air 2020 ?.

The iPad Air 2019 has seen the light of day in march, after the release of an iPad 9.7-inch, two consecutive years.

March 2017 : iPad 9.7-inch (2017).
March 2018 : iPad 9.7-inch (2018).
March, 2019 : iPad Air (2019).
September 2019 : iPad 10.2 inch.

For what is the next iPad Air (2020), it seems logical that its output, if there is, is happening in march 2020, a year after its predecessor.

What will be the price of the iPad Air by 2020 ?.

Currently, the price of iPad Air in 2019, range from 569 € to 879 €, depending on their storage capacity (64 Gb or 256 Gb) and the connectivity chosen (Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Cellular).

It is hoped that Apple will offer the same cost in 2020 and not more expensive.

What it will look like the iPad Air 2020 ?.

For the iPad Air 2019, Apple has not taken the same risks as for the iPad Pro 2018. In fact, he has kept the design quite conservative, with a Home button that is always present.

On the other hand, if a new iPad Pro coming out in 2020, so the iPad Air could get a change of look radical.
And, from a personal point of view, we would like the removal of the Home button, a screen without the notch and the edges thinner.

The announcement of a new iPad is still far away, do not rely too much on our desires.

Technical characteristics and new features of the iPad Air 2020.

From the addition of the function FaceID, which will be inevitable in the case of the abandonment of the Home button, what other features and characteristics may appear on the iPad Air 2020 ?

As for the design, the changes depend on the iPad Pro.

You expect the arrival of a OLED screen ? This seems to us to be compromised or even impossible. The same goes for the mouse support and the camera to double objective.
On the other hand, an evolution of the side of the RAM and the processor is highly possible..

Apple creates a tablet mid-range attractive without placing too much reliance on advanced technical characteristics. In this way, users who need features more advanced turn to the Pro and pay the price.

The software and applications.

Since 2019, tablets, Apple use their own operating system called iPadOS.
It is based on the iOS 13, but it has a number of distinct functionalities and a different interface with a lot more controls sign.

We will update this article regularly, as other rumors about the iPad Air will appear.