iPad 2020 : release date, price and other rumors.


In Apple, four ranges of iPad are currently available. However, while the Pro versions, Mini and Air are often talked about, the classic, the iPad has a tendency to be put aside. Yet the seventh generation of the iPad (2019), the new screen size of 10.2 inches, is sold from 389 € only.. An asset very convincing for the users.

In this article, we focus on its potential successor, the future iPad 2020. We have grouped all the rumors about its release date, its price and its design.

When will be released the iPad 2020 ?.

While the new releases of iPhone are predictable, those of the iPad are significantly less.

Since the return of the original model in 2017, we attended a launch in march 2018 and September 2019.

The firm at the Apple might be known for organizing independent events for the introduction of their tablets, we would not be surprised to discover a new iPad in September 2020, at the same time as the iPhone 12.

The iPad Air, is expected to be presented in march 2020 as the iPhone 2.

How much will it cost to iPad 2020 ?.

The iPad 2019 is marketed from 389 € for the 32 Gb Wi-Fi and up to 629 € for 128 Gb, Wi-Fi + Cellular.

In regards to the iPad 2020, Apple is expected to adopt a similar price, especially if it is a simple update, but we are never immune from rising costs.

What it will look like the iPad 2020 ?.

In the same way as the iPhone, or the Mac, we would like to see a significant reduction of the edges of the iPad 2020, as has been the case with the iPad Pro.

However, such a change would entail necessarily an increase in the sale price.

Screen .

For the iPad 2020, the screen should not be expanded. In fact, add to a size that would have the effect of removing the users of the Pro, a situation that the brand would like to avoid at all costs.


Side camera, we could see great improvements to its sensors.

Models Pro has shown how easy it is to integrate the tablets, the image quality is worthy of the iPhone.

Apple Pencil .

The Apple Pencil is compatible with all iPad of 2019. However, it is unlikely that we will have the pleasure of enjoying its second generation.

Apple should guarantee the exclusivity of its Pencil 2 to the iPad Pro until the launch of a version even more recent.

Features potential iPad 2020 .

As for most new iOS devices and macOS, we expect updates to the iPad.

As for the processor, the model 10.2 inch is curiously remained loyal to the chip A10 Merger of its predecessor. The iPad 2020 could follow this direction.

ProMotion is one of the highlights of the latest iPad Pro. It allows you to dynamically adjust the refresh rate of your screen up to 120 Hz, depending on the tasks performed.

While in the competitors of Apple, they also begin to equip their phones mid-range of such a technical feature, it will probably need to be patient before it makes its way up tablets cheap.

On the other hand, the iPad is the only tablet brand that is not yet equipped with a True Tone, it is not impossible that it is found in 2020.

This technology automatically adjusts the display of your iPad relative to the lighting conditions. Because of this, you will see a better balance between the colors and the brightness of your screen.

Finally, the disappearance of TouchID is to consider, the introduction of the FaceID could be the great novelty of the iPad 2020.