iOS 12 : how to create and edit Memoji ?.


If the release of the iPhone X was accompanied by the launch of Animoji, the update iOS 12, it sees the birth of Memoji. A Memoji is a Animoji .. of you !

Create your Memoji .

Go to the application Messages , and open a discussion existing or create a new one..
Press the icon monkey in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen..
Press the plus sign + at the beginning of the list of Animoji.


You are now in the authoring tool Memoji. .

Start by adjust the color of your skin with all the sliders to the screen.

Then, browse through the different categories to personalize your avatar.

You can change your hairstyle, the shape of your head, your eyes, your eyebrows, your nose ..

When you are satisfied with the appearance of your Memoji, tap on Done (top right of the screen)..

You will find your Memoji among your Aminoji.

Edit or delete Memoji.

If you think that your Memoji does not make you justice, you can easily change it or delete it.

1 – When your Memoji is selected, you will see a small Menu just below.

2 – Press on this Menu icon, and then select Edit or Delete.