iOS 10 : 15 tricks to make the best out of the 3D screen Touch.


A screen more efficient .


As its name suggests, a 3D Touch is a touch screen which detects 3 levels of pressure : light, normal, and firm. Each type of pressure triggers an application-specific functionality that you use.

The 3D Touch is automatically enabled when you turn on your iPhone for the first time. If you want to change the sensitivity, go to Settings → General → Accessibility → 3D Touch.

Shortcuts without concern .


iOS 10 is packed with new shortcuts. Here are a few of our favorites.

Calendar Notifications → When your screen is locked and you receive a notification in your calendar, you can use the 3D Touch to see the address of the appointment and accept (or decline) an invitation.

Prioritize downloads → With iOS 10, you can organize your downloads by order of preference. To do this, simply press firmly on the icon to Download.

Follow his Uber → Use the 3D Touch on your notice to Uber, and follow the progress of your driver on the map. You can also use this shortcut to send him a message.

Detailed weather → Press firmly on the icon of the application to get the weather report detailed.

The mini menus .


Thanks to the 3D screen Touch many applications now have mini menus !

Let’s take an example : on the home screen, press firmly on the icon Phone. A mini menu will appear with your favorite contacts.

You can rearrange contacts by going to PhoneFavorites. The three people at the head of this list will appear in the mini menu.

This shortcut, very convenient since it prevents you from browsing your directory, also works with FaceTime and Messages !

Photos pronto .


Many applications have their own shortcut 3D Touch, like the camera.

The mini menu that appears when you press firmly on the icon gives you access to 4 functions : take a selfie, record a video, save a replay and take a picture.

Between this shortcut and the speed of the new Touch ID, you will never miss a good photo !

Action – Reaction .


There are plenty of other shortcuts to discover !

For example, the icon for the App Store or iBook, open research tools, while the Mail application gives you access to your inboxes. Safari allows you to open a new window, private or not, and access to your reading List.

You can try the 3D Touch with all of your applications to see if they have mini menus.

The application Plans has, for example, a shortcut to be very useful which displays in an instant route to your home.

Some applications not developed by Apple also have shortcuts such as Twitter and Instagram, but, for the moment, they are the exception and not the rule. We’re waiting to see what Facebook, Youtube or even Google maps will now offer !

Peek and Pop .


The 3D screen Touch has a feature named Peek, and Pop, that could be translated in French by “Previews and Display”.

Thanks to Peek and Pop, you can throw a blow d’eye to your e-mails, documents, web pages and other links, before you decide if you want to open in their respective applications.

For example, if you’re in the Mail application and that you press firmly on a message, a preview of this last will be displayed. If you want to open it in full, you just press again, and if you want to close it, you can just release your pressure.

Insights and Applications .


The Peek and Pop is particularly useful when you use several applications simultaneously.

If, for example, we will send you an e-mail with an address, you can either tap on it and open the Maps app (usual process), or to press it more firmly and get a glimpse of the card. This saves you from having to leave the Mail application and have to go back to them later.

It is the same principle for the internet links. If you press it firmly, you get a preview of the page without having to open Safari.

Mouse and editing .


When you use the keyboard with any application (Mail, Messages, Twitter ..) – and that you press firmly on it, a mouse cursor grey appears. You can easily handle and edit your text more quickly !

App Switcher .


If you want to switch from one application to another, press firmly on the left edge of your screen. You will see the different programs appear in the shape of windows that you can scroll through. Press the application window of your choice to open it.

Doodle and draw .


The 3D screen-Touch, a delight for the creative !

Thanks to its sensors that are extremely sensitive, you can finally control your stroke when you draw on the screen. If you touch the screen you will get a thin and, conversely, if you press heavily, you will see a thick line. Yes, say it like that it is simple, but until now, it was reserved for graphics tablets.

Games 3D Touch .


AG drive has been specifically developed for a 3D screen Touch. In this game, you control the speed of your vehicle thanks to the pressure of your finger on the control : the more you press, the faster you go.

For the moment, the potential gaming of the 3D screen Touch has not yet been operated as AG drive is the only game that has taken into account its specificity, but this should not delay.

Zoom in and “Show controller” .


If you find the text size on your screen too small, you can use the Zoom function. It is not new, but once enabled, you access it more easily thanks to the 3D screen Touch.

Appointment in Settings→ General → Accessibility → Zoom. Also, enable Display controller.

You just need to subsequently double-click with three fingers on the screen to activate the zoom. To navigate the screen, you can either tap/drag on it (always with three fingers), or use the controller (more practical according to us).

What they’re missing .


A growing number of applications are developing features specifically for 3D screen Touch, and here’s what we hope to see again soon :

WiFi and Bluetooth → We would like to be able to quickly select (using a mini menu) a Wi-fi network by pressing firmly on the network icon in the control center.

Music → Access the Beat 1 music station is great but it lacks an option to Shuffle !

Wallpaper → It would be handy to be able to change the wallpaper directly from the main screen of the iPhone using the 3D Touch.

Apple Watch App → We would like to see in the mini menu of the Apple Watch shortcuts for the lost mode.

Games → More games !