iMac Pro 2019 : release date, price and data sheet.


The iMac Pro had been promised at a briefing in April 2017, but we had to wait for several months before its sale, which took place in December.

The iMac Pro is a real bomb computer with a processor 8-core Intel Xeon W at 3.2 GHz as standard and a turbo boost of up to a maximum of 4.2 GHz (options on command can go up to 18 cores).

After such a power, that might bring its next version ? Read on to find out.

Release Date of the iMac Pro 2.

Apple could announce a new iMac Pro by the end of this year and 2019, since the WWDC in June was, among other things, devoted to the launch of the Mac Pro.

It should be on the market during the fall of 2019, at least in the United States.

Price of the iMac Pro 2 .

The price of the iMac Pro starts from $ 5 499 €. It is unlikely that this price does not change with the iMac Pro 2, but with Apple, as everyone knows, we can expect everything..

This price seems to be excessively expensive, but not that much when you look more closely. In fact, the current 27-inch iMac, equipped with a processor hexacœur to 3.7 GHz, already costs 2 599 €, and that for 480 €, it can be configured to 8 cores at 3.6 GHz and be equipped with a larger memory, with an addition of 240 €, 720 € or 1200 €..

The Mac Pro is currently at 3 399 €, but it is to be noted, that it has not been updated since its launch in 2013. It is likely that as soon as this takes place, Apple increases its prices and decrease the iMac Pro.

If the price of the iMac Pro 2 exceeds that of its predecessor then it is that Apple will have brought profound changes and that there will be very different.

The iMac’s Design Pro 2.

The iMac Pro 2017 displays the same style as the iMac, but the components, themselves, differ. In fact, it hosts a cooling system consisting of a heat sink of high capacity, and additional ventilation, which allows an air flow rate 75 % higher and a thermal capacity 80 % higher, all of this is requesting 67 % less energy than the 27-inch iMac standard.

We doubt that the iMac Pro will not know the changes in technology so great and so so quick, much more than its standard version has been the subject of any rerelease.

Also, when launched in 2017, the only change to the design provided was the arrival of the colour space Grey.

However, just as the MacBook Air, the iPhone and iPad, it may be that the california firm to reduce the edges of the iMac Pro. Who knows, we could have a screen of 30 inches and enjoy a number of pixels to 6K ?

Screen of the iMac Pro 2.

The iMac Pro current has the same screen 5K that the iMac’s current, and it has a display resolution of 5,120 x 2,880 pixels, which is already prodigious.

Can we go even further ? The answer is yes.

As we said above, the edges could be reduced, without altering its dimensions, and its luminance increased from 500 nits to 600, such as the ZBook Studio x360, HP.

Finally, although it is able to take care of the juxtaposition of spatial/temporal (10-bit), Apple could decide to change his slab 8-bit and make the climb to 10-bit..

Processor and RAM of the iMac Pro 2.

The current iMac Pro integrates an processor Intel Xeon W-200, based on the architecture Skylake at 14nm and using the platform Purley. The family Xeon W has replaced the Xeon E5, which are found on the Mac Pro.

Versions Skylake series Xeon processors W will, then, be replaced by the Xeon W based on the architecture of Cascade Lake in 14nm (and the platform Purley). This last was scheduled for mid-2018, but has finally been postponed to 2019.

The beginning of may 2019, the details of these new processors Cascade Lake have been disclosed on a Web forum chinese, via Tom’s Hardware.

The details include the name : Intel Xeon W-3275. They have up to 28-cores and 56 Threads. The maximum frequency of 4.58 GHz with a cache of 38.5 Mb L3.

The chip Cascade Lake Xeon W will also be the series Spectrum and Meltdown, as well as the DIMM modules on the basis Optane (DDR-T) and the DIMM (DDR4 of 2933 MT/s, compared to 2666 MT/s previously).

Please note that the DIMMS of Optane increase the density of the memory, are faster than a memory DDR4 and store information without a power supply.

Finally, after Cascade Lake W will Ice Lake W, which will use a process, 10 nm, and will pass from the platform Purley to the Whitley, but this will happen only in 2019 or 2020.

For the iMac Pro 2, we expect it to have chips Cascade Lake W.

Graphics power of the iMac Pro 2.

The iMac Pro 2017 has a graphics chip Radeon Pro Vega 56 with 8 Gb of memory HBM2, it is configurable by Vega 64 with 16 Gb of memory HBM2 (for 660 € additional). Apple then added the option in Radeon Pro Vega 64X with 16 Gb of memory HBM2 option (for 840 € extra).

What about the next iMac Pro ? In April 2018, Dell announced that its new laptops Precision 5530 (August 2018) are equipped with a graphics card Radeon Pro WX Vega M GL. We grant you, it is a laptop, but this chip-level professional would have to find its place in a iMac Pro..