How to watch the world Cup of basketball 2019 ?.


This year is the 18th edition of the men’s world Cup of basketball, which proved to be one of the more surprising with the elimination of the defending champions, the United States and the success of the Argentinians.

When and where was held the world Cup of basketball 2019 ?.

The men’s world Cup of basketball 2019 takes place, for the first time in its history, 5 years after its last edition (2014 in Spain). It has been decided this way so that there is no competition with the soccer World cup. However, this also means that it becomes a test of qualification for the Olympic Games.

Another novelty, these are the 32 teams that will compete instead of 24, to win the trophy Naismith.

The world Cup of basketball began on Saturday 31 August and will end on Sunday, September 15, 2019. These 16 days of competitions take place in China on 8 sites of the east coast : Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and Dongguan.

France, tombeuse of the U.s. in the quarter, was awarded the 3rd place against Australia (67-59), as in 2014.

Watching the world Cup of basketball 2019 on TV or streaming.

If you want to watch this world cup from your tv and your mobile devices, so rendezvous on Canal+. The encrypted string holds the distribution rights for the competitions of basketball until 2021.

To follow the matches on TV, you can subscribe to the subscription to Canal+ for one year (25,90 €/month) and Canal+ Channels, Sport 44,90 €/month, to enjoy even more competitions.

Otherwise, there is the offer of two years at Canal+, which costs 20,90 €/month and Canal+ Channels, Sport 39,90 €/month for the same duration.

However, if you want to see the games exclusively streaming from your PC, smartphone or tablet, then you can opt for the formula without a commitment. Its prices are identical to the formula of 24 months, previously mentioned.

Look at the men’s world Cup of basketball from abroad.

If you have a subscription to Canal+, that you are travelling abroad and you do not want to miss this sporting event, then you can subscribe to a VPN (“virtual private Network”).

Thanks to it, hide your location and browse websites as if you were in your home country (or anywhere in the world).

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