How to watch the world athletics Championships 2019 ?.


The season summer-fall 2019 is full of competitions, sporting with the Vuelta, the US Open, the world Cup of basketball, rugby and track and field World. The choice is not missing and there is something for all tastes.

When and where are held the world athletics Championships 2019 ?.

This year, it’s Doha, the capital of the qatari, who will host the 17th edition of the World athletics championships. They will start on 27 September and will close on October 6, 2019 ; 49 events and for the 1st time one of them will be mixed, it will be a 4 x 400 m.

For this edition, the IAAF has recently decided to ban the Russian federation of this World, its athletes will have to compete as athletes neutral.

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Watch the iaaf world Championships in 2019 at the TV and streaming.

As every two years, this championship is broadcast on France TV, so be prepared to switch from France 2 to France 3. To know the complete program, with its schedules, these World athletics championships, we invite you to consult this page of France TV sport.

If you don’t have a TV, you’re on the move or that you want to follow the championships discreetly during your lunch break, be aware that you can watch this event in streaming for free. To do this, you just have to make it on France TV Sport from your computer. If you want to follow on your mobile device, then download its application.

Eurosport is also on the kick, if you prefer this media France Tv, then you can subscribe to one of its packages, from 5,99 €/month.

Watch the world athletics championships 2019 from abroad.

You will not be in France during the world athletics championships and you want to miss this appointment ? To do this, be aware that you can subscribe to a VPN (“virtual private Network”). Thanks to this, it is possible to hide your location and browse websites as if you were in your home country, or anywhere in the world.

We recommend NordVPN. Otherwise, you can always consult our comparison of the best VPN, some are even free, and choose the one that suits you the best.