How to watch the series and talk-shows, americans in France ?.


Check out what series and what talk shows are broadcast free of charge on France TV, TF1 group, and via a subscription to Canal+, Orange Cinema Series, Netflix or Amazon.

If you’re more of a trendy sports US, it is here !

American series on French TV.

In France, the legislation requires the air broadcast channels that they broadcast in primetime, at least “60 % of european works and 40 % to works of original expression in French”. The rest of the time, France TV, TF1 group, Canal+ may propose to the French television series of the country of Uncle Sam.

France Television .


The group France Television broadcasts of american series of recent and knowing a certain success in the uk.
Note that to see and review these series, you just need to download the application Pluzz (Android and iOS).

Mr Robot .


Day, Elliot Alderson is a young technician in computer security. By night, it is a cyber-vigilante. His talent puts him on the path toa certain anarchist named Mr. Robot..

You can see Mr Robot every Monday on France 2. The second season starts from October 23 at 2310.

Shades of Blue .


The lieutenant of police Harlee Santos is a single mother, who would be ready to do anything for her only daughter, even to break the law..

This detective series has been broadcast for the 1st time in march 2017, on France 2.
For the moment, no date has been given for the broadcast of the second season.

Harry Bosch .


This detective series is the adaptation of the novel by Michael Connelly “The Sewers of Los Angeles”.

It sets the stage for the detective Harry Bosch during his investigations. The first concerns the murder of a young teenager of 12 years, perpetuated by a serial killer.

France 3 started to broadcast in may 2016. For the moment, dissemination of the season 2 doesn’t have a date.
Follow Harry Bosch on Amazon Prime Video.

Rick and Morty .


Rick is a great father, a scientist (and alcoholic) who brings his grandson Morty
in crazy adventures through the space and parallel universes.

An animated series to the dark humour, of which the 1st season was broadcast on France 4, every Friday evening.
Follow Rick and Morty on Netflix as season 3 comes out very soon.

TF1 group .


The group’s channels TF1 (HD1,TMC, TF1) broadcast many series of u.s. you can also see and review download the app MYTF1 (Android and iOS).

Find must-sees such as Grey’s Anatomy, the Monday, from 20: 00 on HD1, Mentalist, which will be rebroadcast this Friday, the 20th of October at 21h on TMC, or even Person of Interest, which will be rebroadcast Monday, October 23, at 00.30 am, on TF1.

Flash .


At the age of 11 years, Barry Allen finds himself an orphan. Joe West, a police inspector decides to welcome him and to raise him as his son.

Adult, Barry becomes a scientist and leads a normal life until the day a particle accelerator is caving..

Season 3 of Flash is available in replay on MyTF1.

Gotham .


The mafia reigns in Gotham City. One night, in an alley dark city, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne are murdered before the eyes of Bruce, their only son.

The season 1 of this spin-off of Batman is reissued since 5 October on TF1, between 00h20 and 2h00 in the morning.



The encrypted string diffuse plethora of foreign tv series. If you do not know which to follow, please do not hesitate to take a look at oure selection of the best series.

With Canal+, it is also the ability to see the talk show of Jimmy Fallon and Ellen Degeneres.

Programs Channel are also on your mobile devices Android or iOS with the app myCANAL.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon .


The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon discusses with humor the current topics in the company of politicians, sports, actors, etc.

This talk-show is aired on Canal+ at 0735 hrs, 12: 50 and 23: 40/00h40, Monday to Friday.

You can also see it on Canal + Décalé, Monday to Friday at 12.45 pm.

The Ellen Degeneres Show .


With her guests and her audience, Ellen Degeneres deciphers the news that buzzent. Its lighthearted tone and quirky are the success of this talk show.

The Ellen Degeneres Show is broadcast on the channel It Girl, Monday to Friday, at 20h10.

This string is only available with the offer of Canal+ Essential Family.

Orange Cinema Series .


Orange TV also offers two bouquets-oriented series and american films (Cinema Series 13 €/month and Cinema Series Max 21 €/month). Thanks to these, you have the opportunity, follow the episodes of Game of Thrones, and this, 24 hours after their US release.

The Walking Dead .


The Walking Dead is a series of dramatic horror.
An epidemic has hit the United States, and has transformed almost all of its population into undead. The country is now divided into two categories : the undead and the survivors..

The season 8 is out as of the 23 October 2017 on OCS Shock at 20h40 ; the episodes will be available every Monday at the same time.

Transparent .


This comedy addresses the question of gender. A father announces to his adult children that he wants to live as a woman. Now, it will be necessary to call Maura.

De fil en aiguille, one realizes that this is not Maura, who is in full search for identity, but..her children.

Season 4 of Transparent arrives as early as November 9, 2017, on OCS City, 20h40.

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video .


The services of video on demand Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are another way to keep track of the tv series, and documentaries americans, when and where you want it.

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video .

Netflix has a very large catalog of movies, series, documentaries and cartoons, which you can access via a subscription, from of 7.99 €/month.

Check out our selection of the best series Netflix France 2017.

To take advantage of the catalogue of Amazon Prime Video, you must be a subscriber to the Premium offer (€49 per year).

Check out our selection of the best series Amazon Prime Video 2017.

To help you make a choice, read our comparison of Netflix vs Amazon : which streaming platform to choose ?

Master of None (Netflix) .


“This is the story of a guy..” and, more specifically, Dev. An actor in New York, a thirty year-old, bobo and a fan of gastronomy. This character funny and endearing poses a lot of questions about a variety of topics. A light series that speaks to all.

Stranger Things (Netflix) .


If you’re a fan of science-fiction and horror, this series is for you !

One evening in the fall of 83, a young teenager of 12 years, Will, disappears abruptly. His mother, the police, his best friends, and the enigmatic Eleven will begin its search.

The second season comes out on October 27, 2017.

Sneaky Pete (Amazon Prime Video) .


Pete is a prisoner in debt, heavily indebted .. upon his release from prison, this is not his family who will wait with open arms but its accounts receivable. In order to escape, he monopolizes the identity of his prisoner and goes to the grandparents of the latter.

Cunning, Pete is not it ? Not that much..

The Man in The High Castle (Amazon Prime Video) .


A bond in full, 2nd world war, it tempts you ? Except that it is rewritten. In this release, Germany and Japan share the territory of the united states. The Is is German under the control of Hitler, the west japanese. An area between the 2 is neutral : The Rocky Mountain States.

However, 15 years after their victory, either in 1962, tensions between the two nations appear and resistant are able to get your hands on a film secret. The government of japan and German have wind and will trigger a witch hunt.