How to watch the launch of the iPhone 8 live ?.


The iPhone celebrates its 10 years ! On the occasion of this anniversary, Apple is preparing to reveal the 8th generation of its smartphone. The rumors are rife about the new product and the latest is that it will be called the iPhone X (10) and non-8.

The illustrations of this article are of the prototypes imagined by internet users.

When is the launch of the iPhone 8 ? .

The iPhone 8 will be revealed to the public Tuesday, 12 September, at a keynote hosted by Apple in Cupertino (California).

The event, which was filmed in the brand new auditorium, Steve Jobs, will start at 19h (French time).

How to watch the launch of the iPhone 8 live ? .

To watch the launch of the iPhone 8 streaming, please visit Apple’s web site.

Attention, to that the direct is displayed, your computer must be up to date. It’s the same for your smartphone and tablet.

For Apple users, this means that your devices have the latest version of Safari, and they work at least on iOS 9.0 or macOS 10.11 El Capitan.

For Windows users, it is necessary that your devices run Windows 10 and that they have the browser Microsoft research Edge.

Rumors : technical specifications of the iPhone 8 ? .

Operating system iOS 11 .
Screen OLED edge-to-edge 5.8-inch .
Front camera with 3D facial recognition .
Rear camera with double lens.
Based augmented reality.
Home button virtual.
Processor Apple A11 .
64-, 256 -, or 512 Gb storage.
3 Gb of RAM.
Modem Intel LTE .
Three colors of shell : black, silver, or rose gold..
Wireless recharging option.
The iPhone 8 might actually be named iPhone X in honor of the 10th anniversary of the product..

Rumors : how much will the iPhone 8 ? .

All the sources agree on one thing : the iPhone 8 will be expensive.

Steven Milunovich, an analyst for UBS, believes that the model with 64 Gb of memory should be put on sale at around$ 850. The iPhone with 256 Gb of memory could go up to$ 1000.

The New York Times is less optimistic, since it postpones the cheaper version of the iPhone 8 will probably be sold at 999$. This would mean that devices with more memory would far exceed the bar of 1000$ !