How to view lyrics in Apples Music ?.


Apple Music is the second music streaming service most used in the world. In addition to being available on iOS and MacOS, it is also on Android and PC.

Thanks to its catalogue and its intuitive interface, the platform of apple is complete and pleasant to use.

The simple playlist, a radio station Beats 1, passing through the podcasts and sharing titles between users, the application is regularly enriched by new features. Option display of the words, for example, has recently been updated.

In this tutorial, we explain how you can display the lyrics of a song when listening to it in Apple Music.

How to view lyrics in Apple’s Music ? .

In Apple Music, there is a feature that allows you to get the lyrics of the majority of the titles available on the platform. To enjoy it, here’s how :

Start playback of your music.
Open the option To listen, by pressing the name of the song at the bottom of the screen.
Once in full screen, go to the text bubble in the bottom left (if it does not appear, this means that the words are not available).

Each verse is scrolled in sync with the music.

Searching for music through his lyrics.

You have the title of the song on the tip of the tongue but you still can’t remember it ?

With Apple’s Music, it is possible to find a music which you forgot the title by writing, in the search bar, some of his words.

It is a very useful feature, however make sure that you enter the words in the correct order, otherwise the application will be difficult to regain the piece.