How to use Twitter ?.


Not a week goes by without that we hear talk of tweets from Donald Trump or any other public personality. You are new on Twitter ? Thanks to this guide, learn how to use the platform like a pro !

How to create a Twitter account ? .


First step to discover Twitter : create an account. For this nothing more simple, go on and click on register (top right of the window).

Fill out the form that appears, and confirm the creation of your account.

The basics of Twitter .


Twitter is a micro-blogging site. Each shared message, called a Tweet, is limited to 140 characters. You can share as many Tweets as you want, and anyone who follows you will see them appear in chronological order on the home page.

Anyone can register on Twitter (friends, celebrities, brands, newspapers, fictional characters..) and you have the possibility to subscribe to as many user accounts as you want.

Keep in mind that everyone can see your tweets. In order for your account to be seen by your subscribers, you must specify it in your settings (SettingsPrivacy and safetyProtect my Tweets).

What is a hashtag ? What is the at sign ? .


A hashtag is like a sort of label that you can affix to a tweet to indicate that you are talking about a topic or a specific person.

For example, if you tweet about the release of the new iPhone X, the hashtag to use would be #iPhoneX (without a space).

If, in your message, you want to talk to someone in particular, it will be necessary to use the tag @ and then their username, like @TechAdvisor_Fr. This person will then receive a notification stating that it is mentioned in a tweet.

Responses, retweets and likes .


At the bottom of each tweet that appears on your home page are four options : reply, retweet, like and send a private message.

Thanks to the function “reply”, you can join any conversation and make your contribution to a topic.

Retweet a message can disseminate information and, as on Facebook, “like” it means that you appreciate the message shared. For more information on direct messages, read on !

How To Tweet ? .


To post a message, click on the button on the Tweeter (in the top right corner of the computer screen) or on the pen (when you use the app). Unlike other social networks, here you are limited to 140 characters, so be concise !

If you want to add a photo or video to your Tweet, click on the square logo (in the bottom left of the window). You also have the option to attach a GIF, make a poll, or add your location.

How to Tweet a video ? .


Twitter allows you to share videos in 140 seconds or less. To do this, from your smartphone, press the Camera (and the camera) or Direct (if you want to do a Live).

Trend on Twitter .


Twitter is a kind of coffee trade, but at a global level. To know what the users of the platform to discuss the most, go to your home page and look at the column on the left called “Trends”. Please note that the content of this section changes depending on your activity on the platform and your location.

How to use direct messaging ? .


Twitter at its own e-mail direct, a hybrid between a mail box and Messenger.

By default, only the people you follow on the platform you can send private messages (much like friends on Facebook). However, if you are brave, you can change your settings so that everyone can contact you (such as a mail box).

To do this, go to SettingsPrivacy and security → and check the box Receive Private Messages from anyone.

Customization and personal data .


Very few people read the terms of use of the social networks they use.

To get a better idea of the data collected by Twitter, go to your SettingsPrivacy and safety Personalization and data and then click Edit. There you can uncheck everything.

Time of the day .


Launched two years ago, “Time of day” is a functionality of Twitter available on Android and iOS. As Snapchat Discover, it is extracted from the press that might be of interest to you (this is based on your subscriptions, your interactions on the platform ..).

To access the Time of day, press the magnifying glass icon in the app to Twitter and then scroll down the page to the bottom.

How to delete her Twitter account ? .


To delete his Twitter account, it is necessary to go on this page via your internet browser.

Once you have entered your credentials, click on turn Off @your-name. Please note that your account will be permanently deleted 30 days after deactivation.