How to use Tinder ?.


There are many sites and applications that allow you to make new friends and to find Love (Once, OKCupid, Adopts a mec, Meetic..). Among this wide selection, it is sometimes difficult to find the application for you.

Surely you’ve heard of Tinder. If you have not tried yet and that you feel ready, then follow this tutorial. We explain to you how to use Tinder and how to take advantage of its different features.

What is Tinder ?.

Tinder is a dating application free online, very simple to use. It puts you in touch with other users for which you have a physical attraction, that are within a certain distance of your locality.

To signup you simply enter your criteria of preference whether you want to find in a person (age, sex..) and your location. Then, Tinder offers you profiles that match what you are looking for, in other words matches.

Each game, you have the choice to Like (love) or not the profile presented.

Finally, if the affinity is reciprocal, then a discussion can engage in to get acquainted and arrange a tryst.

Tinder how does it work ?.

Begin by downloading the app on your smartphone, then sign in using your account Facebook.

Link his account to Facebook to Tinder allows you to more easily find matches, because the dating application will have access to certain information (studies, job, friends..) and your friends list.

It can offer you people with interests and friends in common. Also, you do not need to upload more photos, because Tinder will use those saved on the social network.

Then, you must enter the age, sex and geographic location.

If you want to register without Facebook, then you just enter your phone number.

Now, the cards are in your hands, it only remains for you to press the green heart, or to swiper (swipe your finger) to the right, if you like the profile suggested. To reject the call, press the red cross or swipez to the left.

In the free version of Tinder, the swipes are limited to 50. For swiper no limit, you need to subscribe to Tinder More.

Remember that with Tinder, discretion is required, as each Like is secret.
So how to know who liked your profile ? It is necessary that the attraction is mutual, in which case Tinder you the notifies you and offers you the option to Send a message.

Also, if a game becomes too bulky, you have the option of blocking it.

To put the odds on your side and find the good, or the good, try to add more information (a small description and the best shots).

In addition, we recommend that you activate the Smart feature Photos. This last is based on an algorithm that will measure the success of your photos with other users and showcase the best of them.

It is also possible to link your coptic Tinder to Instagram to display your photos Insta the most recent, and Spotify, to share your musical preferences.

Super Like and Boots.

To get more games and give a boost to fate, Tinder has developed Super Like and Tinder Boost.

If a profile interests you a lot, send a Super Like, by pressing the shooting star blue or by doing a swipe up and your target will be encouraged to visit your profile.

Using the Super Like to good use because, in its free version, it is proposed that, 1 time every 12 hours.

Tinder Boost, it is a paid option. It allows you to promote your profile on the smartphone users who are located in your vicinity, and for a period of 30 minutes.

A Boost costs 4,39 €, you also have the possibility to buy them by pack of 10 (2,70 €). To make a Boost, press the flash violet.

What is Tinder Over ?.

Tinder Plus is a feature in the monthly payment, with renewed tacitly. It offers several advantages, you will no more advertising on your screen, you will enjoy a Boost free per month and 5 Super Likes every 12 hours, instead of one.

With Tinder Plus, it is also the ability to cancel a Like sent by mistake and to change your location. This is very handy if you go on a weekend and want to continue to make meetings even in another city.

Finally, if you opt for Tinder, you can swiper no limit.

How much is Tinder Over ? The subscription is monthly and its price varies depending on the age of the user. If you have more than 30 years, you pairez for £ 19.99 for a subscription of a month, 74,94 € (12,49 €/month) for 6 months, and 99,96 € (8,33 €/month) for an annual subscription.

What is Tinder Gold ?.

Tinder Gold, it is Tinder More with the option “Likes You”. This last tells you who has secretly loved your profile.

To take advantage of Tinder Gold, you must have subscribed to Tinder More. Again, the price differs according to your age. If you are over the age of 30 years then the subscription a month is 14.99 €, 6 months 54,96 € (9,17 €/month), and a year 169,92 €.

Tinder on PC.

You can use Tinder on your Android or your iPhone, but also from your computer via its online version. The profile creation is identical to that on a smartphone, link your account with Facebook or enter your phone number.

Tinder online works the same way as the application, but you will have access to fewer features.

Cancel a subscription Tinder.

If you wish to cancel your subscription to Tinder, we recommend that you do so no later than 48 hours prior to the anniversary date of your subscription.

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, the process of deleting your account is the same. You must go to your account → Manage (or Manage accounts) → Cancel subscription. From your computer, the approach is identical.

We recommend that you contact Tinder by email ([email protected]) or via the contact form, and finally remove the application from your devices.