How to use the parental control on Android ?.


The children are they tech savvy ? One could well believe in the light of their way to take over smartphones and other tablets, as soon as the adults backs are turned.

Thus, to avoid that your child does not download by mistake all the apps in the Play Store or it falls on the content unsavory, it is best to set up parental controls on your Android.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use the application Family Link and how to restrict access to your Play Store.

Install Family Link on the Android of your child.

If your child has his own Android, you can use the application Family Link to control the use made of it.

You can use it to create his Google account, manage which applications they use, to monitor the time he spends in front of the screen and setting a time of sleep after which it will no longer be able to use the Android.

Family Link has been available since may 2018, on all Android 7.0 (or more recent) and it is recommended for children under 13 years of age.

Note that Family Link will not block all inappropriate content, and Google states that it is only an application for “ set some basic rules regarding the use of digital devices “.

To use Family Link, follow the steps below :

Download Family Link on your Android (the app is available also for iPhone).

Launch the application and press Start.

After the presentation, tap Start, and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen. You just need to answer a few questions (” do you Have an Android device that is compatible for your child ? “..).

Enter the first name and the last name of your child and tap on Next.

Enter the date of birth and gender, and then tap Next.
Choose a name utilisateurcom and press Next.

Enter a password and press Next.

Agree to the terms and conditions of use, and then register a credit card. Google will charge 0,01 (just to check your data and money will be donated to a charitable organization).

You can now power on the phone (or tablet) that your child is using and connect to the user account that you just created.

Now, enter your own Google password and tap Next. There it is, the Family Link is installed on the device of your child.

You can check out all of the preinstalled applications on the phone and you will see that YouTube is not available for children.

On your phone, you should find commands for Android of your child : content filters, geolocation, time spent on the device.. .

To add a user account to your Android .

If your child uses your Android, it is recommended to create him his own user account.

For this, go into the Settings of your device (the icon of the wheel) and go to Users and accounts.

There, tap Users and then click Add a user.

Confirm the creation of a new account, and press Configure.

Follow the on-screen instructions, and create (or log in) the user account of your child.

Skip step Connection to the Google Play Store if you don’t want your child downloading application.

Restrict access to the Play Store.

If you have given your child access to the Play Store, you can limit the choice of applications to download.

See you in the Play Store (while being connected to your child’s account), and then press the menu (the three bars next to the search bar).

There, tap Settings and then tap parental Controls.

Enter your PIN code twice to activate the function.

You can now limit the content of each category of the Play Store.

For example, you can prohibit the downloading of game over PEGI 7 (for children between four and seven years). Don’t forget to press Save to save the settings.

You can also prevent your children from downloading paid applications by introducing a PIN code, the special purchase.

To do this, go back into the Settings of the Play Stores and tap on Require authentication for purchases.