How to use the mode Do not disturb on an iPhone ?.


The feature Do not disturb allows your iPhone to be discreet and turn off your alerts (email, call ..). In fact, when it is activated, it reduces to silence all your notifications and all your calls.

This option can be very useful if you do not want to be disturbed(e) at critical moments or during a good night’s sleep.

In this tutorial, we explain how you can enable Do not disturb on your iPhone and contact your friend(s)who also use it.

What is the difference between the mode Do not disturb and the block number ?.

Use the mode Do not disturb and Block number are two things to be quite similar, at least they were created for the same reason : not to be bothered.

As soon as you block the phone number of a correspondent, you will no longer receive any message or call from it.

However, it is quite possible that this person bypasses your block you caller unknown number.

With Do not disturb, you will not receive notifications and will not hear more sounds of alarm. On the other hand, you will receive your messages and you can see this by turning on the home screen of your iPhone.

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Enable the mode Do not disturb on your iPhone.

You would like to enable Do not disturb on your iOS to work without being distracted ? Then, it is quite simple :

Go to Settings .
And then, on Do not disturb .
Drag the cursor to the option.


You can also do this directly from your control center and tapping the Moon.

A notification appears on your lock screen as well as an icon in the shape of a crescent moon, at the top next to the battery indicator.

Allow notifications with the mode Do not disturb.

Also note that, even enabled, it is possible to allow certain calls and notifications incoming. To configure this :

Go to Settings .
Go to Do not disturb .
In the category Phone, choose between everyone, no one, Favorites, or All contacts.


Set the mode on Do not disturb.

Be aware that the Do not disturb function can be programmed for certain hours of the day (or night).

For the schedule, go to Settings → Do not disturb, tap timed and choose your schedule.

Contact a correspondent that the iPhone is in Do not disturb .

When you call a matching which has the mode Do not disturb activated, you will hear only a single tone before being sent directly to his voice mail.

The texts, themselves, and send without any problem. On the other hand, the recipient will not be notified and not have access to these messages once the screen is pulled out of his sleep.