How to use the BBC iPlayer in France ?.


Before we begin, we must clarify that this tutorial is aimed at residents of the United Kingdom. The BBC is a public service English and it is illegal to view its content without paying the TV licence. As the platform iPlayer is not intended to be used from abroad, it is the discretion of the player or not to follow this tutorial.

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Watch the BBC when you travel abroad.

The platform BBC iPlayer determines your location using the IP address of the public that you are using. In other words, it knows in which country you are through your internet connection. To work around this limitation, the easiest way is to use a VPN.

A VPN or “virtual private Network” in proper French, is a system that allows you to send or receive data across a private connection, using a network the internet.

As the VPN can hide the geographic location of a computer, many individuals use it to view sites that would otherwise not be accessible in their countries.

Thus, in order to watch the BBC in France, you only need to use one of these software, locate your computer to England, and then log in to your user account on iPlayer.

To learn more, check out our selection of VPN. Some are even free !

Change its DNS settings .

If you want to watch british TV via the internet browser on your Xbox or PlayStation, you need to change the DNS settings (Domain Name Servers , or the servers ofe names of domain).

Go to the network settings of your console and manually configure your primary and secondary DNS.

You can find DNS addresses very easily on the internet. For example, DroidKid in offers a list. Attention these are very popular and their connections sometimes slow. It also happens that they refer to advertising sites.

BBC iPlayer and the TV licence .

In the past two years, the BBC has strengthened the terms of use of its online platform. Now, it is necessary to pay the TV licence and connect via a user account to access the iPlayer.

Creating an account is simple and free. However, note that you must have a zip code English to complete your registration.

If you live in England and you have paid your fee, you find these changes will affect not and you can always use a VPN when you travel abroad.