How to use the application Nintendo Switch Online ?.


Unlike the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, the Switch does not incorporate features for the online game. To do this, you will need to download the official app for Android and iPhone.

You can always play with the console alone, including in multiplayer mode, but if you want to take advantage of features that are more complex, such as voice chat, stat tracking, then it will go through the application. Here’s how to get and use it.

How much is a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online ?.

To access the features of the online game, you have the choice between four formulas. The three are an individual subscription (1 account), and the fourth is a family (up to 8 accounts).

If you choose an individual package, then three monthly subscriptions available to you. A month you will cost 3,99 €, three months are 7,99 € and the twelve months are charged to 19,99 €. Note that you can also try the free individual subscription for 7 days.

On the other hand, if you opt for the family package, for a period of 12 months, then you will have to rely 34,99 €.

How to use the application Nintendo Switch Online ?.

To be able to enjoy the best of Nintendo Switch Online, you just need to directly download the application official from the Google Play Store and theApple Store, and then link it to your Nintendo account.

Voice Chat.

Invite a friend to join a voice chat, you can do so from the game you want to play. Let’s take the example of Splatoon 2, open the game, go to the multiplayer menu online, go in Online Lounge, select Create a group, then private Match, league Match (duo) or league Match (team).

To join your chat, you can either send them an invitation, in which case they will receive a notification, that is, a code. They will be able to accept or refuse to join your group.

If you prefer to invite friends from your smartphone, then open the application, and then select the group that you have created. Then, send an invitation via the options : social network, friends list, Nintendo Switch or players met.

Please note that Splatoon 2 allows you to chat with up to 10 players, but this varies depending on the games.

The audio of the game will come from the Switch itself, while the voices of the players will be drawn from your smartphone.

Services specific to the game.

In addition to the voice chat, the application Switch Online also includes features specific to different games.

Here we take the example of Splatoon 2, service SplatNet 2 tells you your current level, your ranking, multiplayer, and your statistics. You will also have access to a shop to equip you with new equipment.