How to use Snapchat ?.


Snapchat, it is more that the sharing of photos ephemeral.

With its 158 million users worldwide, Snapchat is becoming a social network in its own right. The application, known for the sharing of photographs and ephemeral (they only appear for a few seconds) has also recently launched in the video and it accounts for not less than 8 billion views per day.

In January 2017, the update of Snapchat has introduced new features like the search bar (for quick access to recent conversations), the ability to create your own stickers or to expand your circle of friends using contacts from your phone.

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To update Snapchat.

Before you begin, verify that your app is up to date. Open your Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS), click on the drop-down menu (the three horizontal bars in the top left) and go to ” My games and apps. Here you can see your applications and if you need the update.


Like Instagram, Snapchat allows you to put filters on your photos.

Once you have taken a photo, simply drag your finger to the right or left to scroll through the filters.

If the filters are not displayed, follow this path : press the icon for Snapchat (the ghost in the top left) → press the wheel (top right) → in the menu select Manage preferences.

There, check the box to enable filters.

Note that the filters will automatically activate the geolocation.

Add two filters to a photo.

As explained above, to add a filter simply drag your finger to the right or the left until you find one that you like.

If you then want to add a second filter, press and hold a finger to the bottom of the screen while dragging your finger from left to right.

The camera lenses.

Snapchat provides a number of objectives for taking photos and these are regularly updated.

To access it, open the app in camera mode and press and hold for a few seconds on any location of the screen.

A set of icons appears on the bottom of the screen, what are the different objectives.

Scroll to see their effects.

The effects of the objectives will vary depending on the camera you use (front/rear).

Use Face Swap.

One of the functions most used on Snapchat is called Face Swap (that we would “exchange face”).

Open the application and select the front camera (in selfie).

Without taking a photo – tap and hold on your face.

A set of icons appears on the bottom of the screen, Face Swap, tap on the icon with the two smiley faces and the circular arrow.

If you don’t have a friend nearby, you can now make Faces Swaps with photos saved on your phone !

Create its sticker.

You can now create your own stickers !

Once you have taken a photo, tap on the scissors (in the top right of the screen), then select a portion of your photo.

It will be automatically saved and reusable on other photos.

Playlist Snapchat .

You want to look at some of the “Story” to the following ? Tap the thumbnails of your friends and add to your playlist. You will then be able to watch all of them without interruption.

Erase messages.

If you want to delete the conversations of Snapchat, go into your settings :

press the icon for Snapchat (the ghost in the top left) → press the wheel (top right) → at the bottom of the menu select Delete conversations.

There, press the x next to the conversation you want to erase or press erase Everything.

Add emoji on video .

The latest version of Snapchat allows you to add easily add emoji and stickers on your videos.

For this, you just press the button sticker (the square in the top right of the screen next to the scissors) and then pin the emoji on the screen.

To add an effect to a video .

When you have finished recording a video, you can have fun to do a bit of post-production.

This works like filters to photos, simply slide your finger to the right or left to see the different effects.

Phone with Snapchat .

Did you know that you can make calls on Snapchat ? It works like on Facebook.

See you in Chat and then open a conversation with the friend that you want to contact.

There, you can press the phone icon to make a call or on camera icon to make a call visio.

If you keep support on these icons you will launch then a recording, which lets you send a voice message or video to your correspondent.

Respond to a Snapchat Story .

Since the last update of the application, it is possible to respond to the Snapchat story.

When you see a photo that you want to answer, drag your finger from bottom to top on the screen, this will open a new chat window.

It only remains for you to write your message, and your friend will receive it with the photo that you have commented.

The box of trophies .

For access to the box of trophies, drag your finger down from the top when you are on the main screen and press the cut above your profile picture.

The box of trophies measure your “performance” on Snapchat, the more you use the app the more you.

Delete your account Snapchat.

If you want to delete your account, Snapchat permanently, you can go on this website.

You just need to enter your user name, your password, and confirm that you are not a robot.

You can also delete your account directly from the application. For this, go into your settings : from the main screen, press the icon for Snapchat (the ghost in the top left) and then press the wheel (top right). There, tap Support. In the search bar write “delete account”. It only remains for you to do is click on the first link and follow the instructions.