How to use Facebook ?.


With its two billion users, Facebook is undoubtedly the social network the most used in the world. Created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, this website is constantly expanding its services. A simple academic forum, Facebook has become a platform that allows you to stay in touch with friends, share photos, videos, make calls, to promote his company ..

In this tutorial, we introduce you to the major features of Facebook, the creation of your user account to use Messenger, not to mention the events and other groups.

Create an account in Facebook .


In order to use Facebook, you need a user account. The latter is free and simple to implement.

For this you have to go on and fill out the registration form. An e-mail (or SMS) you will then be sent with a confirmation code. Copy it in the appropriate box (there is only one), and there it is !

When you first log in to your account Facebook, your home page displays four steps to follow (looking for friends, settings, photo ..), you just have to let yourself be guided.

Add friends .


Now that your user account is created, you must populate your Facebook !

To add friends on the platform, you must send them an invitation, and they must accept it.

To do this, enter the name, mobile phone number or the email address of your friend in the search bar, and click on the magnifying glass.

When you have acknowledged your contact in the list that appears, press the button Add near his name to send him an invitation.

Once your invitation is accepted, you will see the news of your friend appear on your home page and you will be able to access his user profile.

Navigate on Facebook .


The home page of Facebook displayed in chronological order everything that your friends have shared on the platform : the statutes, articles, photos .. This is sort of a journal of the activities of your friends. Note that, as the company is paid through advertising, you’ll regularly appear as sponsored content.

If you just want to see the news of a person, you can click on its name when it appears on the home page or use the search bar. Each user of Facebook has his own profile, where are grouped together his or her personal information and everything he has shared on the platform : photo albums, videos, publications ..

You can view profiles of your friends and vice versa.

Share a status, a photo or a video .


Once you have filled in your directory Facebook, it’s time to share your first status. You can dial from your home page or your profile, by simply clicking on the module “to compose a publication.”

As shown in the photo below, you have, among other things, the option to add to your status as a coloured background, a photo, a mood, a GIF ..

Unlike Twitter, your status is not limited to a certain number of characters, but know that if it is very long, only the first rows will be displayed. To read the rest of your message, your contacts will have to click on “show more”.

Since the same module, it is also possible to share photo albums, videos and even lives.

Reply to a publication .


There are several ways to respond to a publication Facebook.

If you just want to indicate your reaction to the view of the status, hover your mouse over the button I like and select one of the five emoji, which appears to be : I love, I love, haha, wow, sad or grrr.

To leave a comment, click “comment” and type your message in the bar record. The four icons that appear on the same line you can add to your message an emoji, a photo, a video, a GIF or a sticker.

Finally, the button Sharing allows you to re-post the status on your friend on your profile or send it as a message.

Instant messaging Facebook Messenger .


Facebook has its own instant messaging service. To access, click on the icon bubble at the top of the screen.

Messenger allows you to chat with your friends on Facebook and works like a mail box traditional. You can send messages to a person or create a discussion group.

One of the oddities of this instant messaging is that it shows you when your message has been read. To disable this read receipt, follow this tutorial.

Create an event .


After Messenger, the feature that is most practical of Facebook is surely the organization of events.

An event can be public or private, which means that either everyone can see or only invited. In other words, if you organize a concert and you want to fill your room, create a public event ; if you are preparing a small birthday party, create a private event.

To use this feature, click Event (in the left menu of your home page) and then click Create an event.

Enter the details of your appointment (date, time ..) and confirm its creation (Create). Now, it only remains for you to add your friends by clicking on Invite on the top right of the page.

Create a group Facebook .


Facebook also offers the possibility to create a group, that is to say, a page that brings together a number of friends. You can create a group on Facebook around a topic or a set of specific people, for example your family or friends of the university. As an event, the latter may be public or private.

To create a group, click on the little triangle at the top right of the window, and then click create a group. Choose its settings, and then confirm its creation (create).

To deactivate an account Facebook .


You have made the rounds of Facebook and you decided that this was not for you ?

Two options are available : you can delete your account permanently by going to the deletion page of the site or suspend it temporarily.

For this, go to Settings (icon triangle in the top right of the screen) → General (left column) → Manage your account Deactivate your account.