How to use a keyboard and mouse on a Xbox One ?.


Thanks to the implementation of the service Play Anywhere from Microsoft, it is possible to play both on Xbox One and on a PC (Windows 10), which means that various games need media third-party.

The thumb standard is ideal in some cases, but it can’t offer the same precision as a keyboard and a mouse, especially in a FPS (game shots).

How to connect a keyboard and mouse to an Xbox One ?.

If you want to use a keyboard and mouse on the Xbox One, the following two choices are available to you :

Wait for the official support .

It is in September 2018 that Microsoft has announced that official support keyboard/mouse would soon come out.

The american giant has confirmed that as of November 14, 2018 specific games shall takent support natively the use of the keyboard and the mouse. For the moment, only 6 securities have been right from the start, and 8 more will follow in the coming months.

Games incorporating compatibility mouse-keyboard :

Bomber Crew.
Deep Rock Galactic.
Strange Brigade.
Vermintide 2.
War Thunder.
X-Morph Defense


Games with compatibility later :

Minion Master.
Children Of Morta .

Use a third-party accessory .

The second option is to buy an adapter for keyboard and mouse, for that the XIM Apex is positioned as being the best choice.

The Apex looks like a standard USB, but inside it is equipped with the Smart Translator. Thanks to it, you will gain fluency and be able to use your keyboard, mouse or joystick with an extreme precision.

To install, you’ll need to download the app XIM Apex Manager, available on iOS and Android. It will be necessary to configure the adapter so that it is adjusted to the game you wish to play.

Its main drawback is its high price of 134,90 €. In other words, this adapter is a bone alternative if you do not want to wait for the official support of Microsoft !