How to use a gamepad PS4 or Xbox One on your Mac ?.


To improve your gaming experience on MacOS, we suggest you connect the controller DualShock 4 or Xbox One to your Mac.

Although they are not designed for use on a Apple environment, it is easy to use from any Mac with Bluetooth or a USB cable.

Regardless of the controller chosen, we show you, below, the various techniques to play with a gamepad PS4 or Xbox One on your Mac.

Connect a gamepad PS4 to a Mac.

To play your games MacOS favourite from your Mac using a joystick DualShock 4 of PS4, follow these 3 techniques.

The wireless adapter official.

Although there is no plug and play for the DualShock 4 on a Mac, Sony launched a USB wireless adapter which allows cable-free connectivity with the PC and the Mac. It is sold on Amazon at 68,95 €.

If you don’t want to pay for this accessory official, then try our 2 other options below.

Micro-USB cable.

The simplest way to connect a gamepad PS4 to a Mac is to use a Micro USB cable. To do this, follow the following steps :

Connect your controller PS4 to your Mac using a Micro-USB cable.

Turn on your controller.

Then, on your Mac, click on theicon of the Apple, then on about this Mac.

Click on the option Report system.

Under Hardware, select USB.

Finally, click on your wireless controller.


Note that the games MacOS on Steam are compatible with the controller DualShock 4, you won’t need to change other settings.


Our third technique is to go through the Bluetooth connection. So you can play remotely on your Mac as you would with a console.

Here are the 4 steps to connect a gamepad PS4 Bluetooth :

Open system Preferences (icon Apple → system Preferences).

Click on Bluetooth.

Press and hold the buttons on the PlayStation and Share (share).

The light on the front of the controller flashes, and on your Mac, in the window Bluetooth, the joystick appears.

Click on the Pair in front of the optional Wireless Controller..

You can now play on your Mac with the controller of the PlayStation.

Connect an Xbox One to a Mac.

You want to play with a gamepad of Xbox One on your Mac ? To do this, you need to install the driver 360Controller and use a micro-USB cable.

Go to GitHub and download the most recent version of 360Controller, it supports gamepads, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Open the file .dmg downloaded and run the installation of the 360Controller.

Follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Note that the installation requires a restart your Mac, then make sure that all your files are backed up.

Once your Mac has restarted, go to system Preferences (icon Apple → system Preferences) and select Xbox 360 Controller, in the bottom of the window.

Connect your Xbox One to your Mac and edit the configuration keys as desired..

Once you have changed the settings, save and close the system Preferences window.