How to unlock an iPhone ?.


Is it legal to unsimlock your iPhone ?.

If you contact your telephone operator, unsimlock your iPhone is legal and free.

The only condition ? Have been a subscriber for at least three months before requesting unlocking.

Let’s take a concrete example : you bought your iPhone at Orange, and at the end of 3 months, and one day you decide to give it to your niece, it has a SIM card Free.

You will then need to contact your operator (details below) and in a few hours (sometimes a few days, but this is rare), your phone can be used with any SIM card.

Tips before to unlock his iPhone.

Attention, do not give in to the temptation to go through a third party website to unlock your iPhone more quickly. Unlike other phones, the iPhone can not be unlocked by a “magic code”, and these sites are not safe.

If possible, make your request for release before the end of your subscription. Some consumers have complained about the lack of good will of their former telephone operator (all brands combined) in the framework of the unlocking of their phones, once their subscription ended. Do not be fooled, the telcos do not have the right to refuse to unlock your phone if you have been a subscriber for more than three months.

How to unblock an iPhone.

It is possible to unlock his iPhone in 2 steps.

First, you must make a request for a release from your carrier.

To do this, be sure to have :

your IMEI code (15-digit that you get by typing *#06# on your phone).
your phone number.
your billing address.
make a note of the exact model of your iPhone.

You can make a request for unlocking is in the shop, or by calling your customer service, either directly on the internet site of your operator (as is the case for Orange).

Secondly, you must restore your iPhone with iTunes.

To do this, be sure to have :

your computer (it must be connected to the internet).
your iPhone (and its USB cable to connect it to your computer).
your new SIM card.

Insert your new SIM card into your iPhone and connect it to your computer.

Launch iTunes. Your iPhone will be recognized automatically.

Click on its icon and then in the Summary tab, click Restore iPhone.

A pop-up appears asking you if you want to keep your settings. Click Save.

Another pop-up appears asking you to confirm the restoration of your phone. Click on the Restore button.

Restoring the iPhone takes a few seconds. If your SIM card has a PIN code, iTunes you to.

Finally, a message displays to confirm that you have unlocked your iPhone.

How to unsimlock iPhone Bouygues, Free, SFR or Orange.

The mobile operators French (and other Virgin Mobile or Sosh, which are in fact network operators, mobile virtual work in two ways.

Either their iPhone are locked and you must contact them to allow their unlocking.

Is the iPhone they sell are already désimlockés and it does not remain you more that to “restore” your iPhone according to the process mentioned above.

Phones, Bouygues and Free are already unlocked, while phones Orange and SFR are not.

You can request that they unblock your phone Orange directly on the internet by visiting the website Orange Desimlockage.

To request the unlocking of your phone LICO, go to your client area.

How to unlock a iPhone opportunity ? .

First of all, try to restore your iPhone with your SIM by following the process mentioned earlier in the article.

If this does not work, you have confirmation that the phone is blocked.

If you contact the seller, ask him or her to join its customer service in order to allow the unlocking of the iPhone that you just buy from him. This is the most simple.

If you can’t contact the seller, there are many shops that offer their services of unlocking. It costs around 20 € or 30 €, but the result is not guaranteed and you might end up with an iPhone that has not been désimlocké officially, and whose capacity are limited.