How to unlock an Android phone ?.


You have forgotten your password or your pattern unlock so that you can not access your Android device ? Don’t panic, all is not lost, you’ve come to the right tutorial.

Manager Android devices.

The first solution to unlock your smartphone to use the service Manager Android devices of Google. It has the function to lock, ring and erase your phone remotely. Here, we use the Lock option to replace the lost password with a new one.

To do this, it is necessary that your Android has the location option enabled, otherwise it is not possible to use the functionality of device Manager.

If such is your case, then sign in to your Google Account associated with your device.

When you have located your smartphone or tablet, click Lock. Enter a new password and confirm with Lock.

It is possible that your smartphone will not be recognized, in this case, refresh the page several times.

Unlock pattern forgotten.

If you had locked your Android device with a pattern, rather than a code, but after 5 attempts you are unable to find it, then use the function unlock Pattern Forgotten.

In the bottom right of your screen blocked, you will see it displayed on the option forgot Pattern ?, press it and enter your credentials Google.

The server will then send you a new password on your Gmail address.

The reset of your Android.

If the previous solutions were not successful, then it will go through the reset of your smartphone or factory configuration. Please note that this varies slightly from one Android to another, so it’s best to check the specific one for your device.

If the data of your smartphone has been backed up on a Cloud or on an SD card and that it has nothing in it that you can’t pass you, then you can unlock your device with the factory configuration. In effect, this process will reset your smartphone, it will remove all the settings, messages, photos, documents as well as your password.

To do this, at the same time press the volume buttons and power, then move in the menu that appears, using the volume keys.

Go to Wipe data/factory reset (Wipe data/factory reset), and confirm by selecting Yes-delete all user data (yes, erase all data).

Finally, for the last step, select Reboot system now (reboot the system now).

Your phone is now as good as new, you can enter a new code and keep it in a safe place.