How to turn your Android into a Wi-Fi hotspot ?.


You want to share the internet connection of your Android with a tablet or a laptop computer located near ? Follow our tutorial and you will know how you can take advantage of the same internet connection on multiple devices.

Attention, when you share your connection, keep an eye on your consumption of internet data, because it can quickly fly away.

Share your Wi-Fi connection.

Here’s how to share your Wi-Fi from your Android smartphone :

Go to Settings or Settings depending on your Android version, select More, in the section wireless and networks.

Enable only the Sharing connection, if you’re on Android 7.0.
Enable Sharing connex. and pt mobile access and then the Settings of the access point mobile, Android 7.1.1.

Select to Configure the access point.

Name your Wi-Fi network, and assign it a password of at least 8 characters.

Press Save..

The mobile hotspot is now active.

Finally, go to Settings of the access point for younsuring that the option Visible is activated..
It remains for you to give your password to people wishing to use your internet connection.

Don’t forget to turn off your access point when you no longer need. For this, go to Settings mobile hotspot → power-Saving and choose one of the options.

Your access point will turn off automatically.

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