How to turn on a phone without the power button ?.


A power button is broken does not necessarily mean that your smartphone or tablet is good to throw away. In our tutorial we give you a few tips for using your device without going through the ignition button.

If your smartphone is turned on.

The first thing to do is to DO , especially NOT letting it turn off and keep charging.

Then, we recommend that you install one of these free apps are the following : Power Button to Volume Button, to use the volume buttons instead of power button.

Shake Screen On Off or Gravity Screen On/Off, they lock up the screen when your phone is not in use, and back on again as soon as you enter.

Finally, you can also download Proximity Actions, application that unlocks your screen when you make a gesture in the direction of the detector.

On some Android, set an alarm (or several) at a specific time each day, can trigger their ignition.

If you apprehend to get out of your screen in the standby mode without the power button, then go into phone settings, there are options that can reactivate your device.

You can, for example, to activate the feature Tap to wake (Settings Display and then go to the sub-section Interactions) and Home button virtual if your device is so equipped.

Some smartphones also allow you to use the volume buttons or the camera to reactivate the display.

If nothing works, then we advise that you ask a loved one to call you, you will be able to regain access to your Android.

We also recommend that you use the mode USB debugging, and install it on your computer the program Minimal ADB and Fastboot.

With this mode, you ‘ll have access to the developer options and can send commands to your phone (to recover data, install apps.) from a computer.

To enable it, follow the path : Settings → System → about phone and tap 7 times on build Number. Go back to System, select developer Options, then in the Debugging section, enable USB Debugging.

Connect your Android to your PC via USB, and select the option that appears on your device to enable debugging.

If your smartphone is turned off.

If your mobile is switched off because its battery is empty, then we suggest you put him in charge (to a computer if possible) and see if it turns back on.

The other alternative is to go through the Recovery mode, most of the Android require that you use the power button. However, it may be that yours can access it without the power button, to refer to a tutorial specific to your model of smartphone.

If you had enabled USB debugging and installed Minimal ADB and Fastboot before your device turns off, then launch the software on your computer.

Connect your smartphone via USB, type adb reboot and press Enter, try the option also adb reboot recovery.

This technique does not work for all phones, but it’s worth a try.