How to turn off the T9 and set up your keyboard on Android ?.


You want to type faster your sms messages or e-mails while remaining in control of their input ?

In this tutorial, we show you how to disable the predictive text (or T9) and modify some input parameters of which you do maybe not need.

Note that we used the Bike Z2 Play, Android 7.1.1 Nougat, with the keyboard Google.

However, regardless of your Android, you can follow some of our tips.

How to disable T9 on your Android ?.

The T9 (text on 9 keys) is a technology allowing faster input and more easy. It is said to be intuitive or predictive, because it automatically enters a word to the spelling close to the one you want to use or the correct.

Sometimes, or even often, the T9 can be irritating. Want to guess what you want to write, it can insert terms to be incorrect and inappropriate.

Follow the 3 steps below to disable T9.

1st step :.

To display the quick settings, from your home screen, slide your finger from the top to the bottom (swipe).

Then, to access your settings, tap on theicon in the shape of a toothed wheel.

Note that on other Android devices, this step may be slightly different, but everything also happens in the Settings.

If, in the future, you want faster access, from the list of apps on your phone : press and hold on its icon, and then add it to your home screen, by dragging it to the top.

2nd step :.

Once in Settings, select the option Languages and input.

Under Keyboard and input methods, you will see the keyboard you are using : virtual Keyboardin our case.

3rd step :.

Select the type of keyboard you are using, for us it is of Gboard (the keyboard Google).

You are now in the settings of your keyboard !

To disable the predictive text input (T9), you need to go under Correction of the text, and then click to clear the option : Suggestions for the next word.

Keyboard settings.

The personal Dictionary is another very practical option, hiding in the settings of your keyboard.

To access it, follow this path : Settings KeyboardDictionary Dictionary.

With this option, you have the possibility to create your own dictionary by adding words that you use regularly in your emails, SMS, or research.

To add :

Select your language (if you have several, like us).

Press the (+)in the top right corner of the screen.

Finally, enter your password..

Note that when you add a new word, it is possible to create a shortcut.

For example : if you type often, “Techadvisor France”, and you suggest the shortcut “TCA”.

Every time you go to type “ATT”, the initial term (Techadvisor France) will be suggested.

This option is very convenient for complex words, long and even proper names.

There are plenty of other features that are related to the predictive text input. To type faster with your messages, for example, remember to enable : Show suggestions. (Keyboard settings → correction of the text).

Also, with the option for personalized Suggestions, the keyboard Google fine tunes its suggestions. In fact, the keyboard is going to tap into the words that you use in the Google apps and services and as well provide you with the terms stored.

Gesture typing.

Go into the keyboard Settings, then go into gesture typing.

The gesture typing allows you to type your messages by dragging your finger over the letters. To finish typing a word, you simply “lift” your finger from the screen, so you no longer need to press the space bar.

In gesture typing, you can disable the option to Display the path of the gesture. Contrary to appearances, it has no impact on your typing speed, since it is only to show the slide of your finger.


From keyboard settings, go to Preferences.

Below is the feature Time press and hold the on key, it is editable. In fact, it is possible to shorten or extend, as its name suggests, the time for pressing on the keys of your keyboard.